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  1. 54. There are 54 countries in Africa today, according to the United Nations. The full list is shown in the table below, with current population and subregion (based on the United Nations official statistics). Not included in this total of "countries" and listed separately are:

  2. Existent in the African continent are thousands of ethnic groups, languages, cultures, e.t.c. which have evolved from colonies to territories and countries. For instance, Nigeria, the most populated African country has up to 250 ethnic groups and over 300 tribes. This is just for Nigeria.

  3. The Library of Congress >> African & Middle Eastern Reading Room African & Middle Eastern Pages All Library of Congress Pages HOME Foreword Introduction Overview Creative Expression, Culture, and Society African Peoples' Encounters with Others Contemporary African States Note to Researchers List of Sub-Saharan Countries Publications Writings

  4. Today, African countries are some of the worst-governed and most impoverished in the world. However, its varied landscapes, wildlife, culture, and traditions have made it one of the most desired travel destinations in the world. List of African Countries and Their Capitals. Here is the complete list of African countries and their capitals.

  5. Jan 20, 2014 · How Many Countries Are In Africa? According to the African Union, there are 55 Countries in Africa. List of Countries In Africa. The following is a list of all recognized countries in Africa and their capitals sorted out in alphabetical order. The Capitals are in bold letters to allow for visual clarity.

  6. African Countries and their Independence Days. Brief History of colonization: In the 17th century AD, European countries scrambled for and partitioned Africa. This continued until around 1905, by which time all the lands and resources of the continent of Africa had been completely divided and colonized by European countries.

  7. This incorporates countries south of central and eastern Africa, and north of the South African border. The region has support from the most developed economy on the continent from the south, and access to capital coming out of South Africa as large companies look to expand into the rest of the continent.

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