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  1. Mar 8, 2022 · The "Z" symbol was initially spotted on Russian tanks and other military vehicles but it has quickly been embraced by some as a show of support for Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Sky News looks at the possible origins of the symbol. How widespread is its usage? News reports on Monday alone had two examples of the symbol being used.

  2. Mar 8, 2022 · How has Z become the symbol of the war in Russia? In the past two weeks, Z has gone from a military marking to the main symbol of public support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

  3. Mar 9, 2022 · Some speculate that the "Z" could stand for " zapad ," which means west in Russian. Some have snidely suggested that the symbol stands for other words such as " zhopa ," meaning ass in a reference...

  4. The Latin-script letter Z (Russian: зет, tr. zet, IPA: [zɛt]) is one of several symbols (including "V" and "O") painted on military vehicles of the Russian Armed Forces involved in the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.

  5. Mar 10, 2022 · Some theorize that “Z” stands for “zapad,” or the Russian word for West, meaning the troops in those vehicles came from a Western part of the country. Others have alleged that it stands for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who is believed to be a top target for Russian special forces.

  6. A number of ominous theories have emerged after Russian tanks and equipment bearing mysterious “Z” symbols were observed as fears of all-out war mount.

  7. Mar 7, 2022 · The most prevalent theory is that the letter Z stands for Zelenskyy, which is the last name of the Ukrainian President. In the Russian language, Z could mean Zara’s (West), or zadacha (Task), or zavershenie (completion) zvezda (star) depending on the given context.

  8. Mar 7, 2022 · "Z" is a letter that Russian Military are putting on their vehicles departing to Ukraine. Some interpret "Z" as "Za pobedy" (for victory). Others - as "Zapad" (West). Anyway, this symbol...

  9. Mar 7, 2022 · Filiz Mustafa Mon 7 March 2022 16:56, UK As Russia’s invasion in Ukraine is on its 12th day, many have reported about the appearance of the symbol ‘Z’ on the sides of several Russian tanks....

  10. Feb 23, 2022 · A MYSTERIOUS letter Z painted on Russian tanks and armoured cars could signify the "point of no return", experts say. Several theories on the meaning of the symbol have been shared after Vladimir Putin's invasion force was filmed rolling towards Ukraine.

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