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  9. Notifications - MediaWiki
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    This new notifications system seeks to unify the delivery of interaction messages in MediaWiki core, through a common API that can provide a uniform interface for users. For a quick visual overview of this project, check the Notifications slides.

    Here are the features in the current version, as of September 2015. 1. Features 1. Badge 2. Flyout 3. Archive 4. Email notifications 5. Preferences 6. Bundling 7. 'Mark all as read' 2. Default notification types 1. Talk page message 1.1. post on your user talkpage 2. Mention 2.1. mention on another page 3. Page link 3.1. link to a page you started 4. Edit revert 4.1. edit undone 4.2. edit rolled back 5. System messages 5.1. your user rights have changed 5.2. welcome 5.3. emailuser 3. Notification types from other extensions 1. Thanks 1.1. edit-thank 1.2. flow-thank 2. Flow 2.1. flow-new-topic 2.2. flow-post-reply 2.3. flow-post-edited 2.4. flow-topic-renamed 2.5. flow-mention 2.6. flow-enabled-on-talkpage 3. PageTriage 3.1. review of a page you started 3.2. review with maintenance tags 3.3. review with deletion tags 4. EducationProgram 4.1. course talkpage edited 4.2. user rights have changed (1 each for: student / instructor / campus volunteer / online volunteer) 5. OpenStackManage...

    All now requested notifications has been gathered on Phabricator. These new types of notifications have been proposed, or partially developed (in no particular order): 1. cross-wiki notifications (phab:T67661) 2. Extension:Newsletter notifications (phab:tag/newsletter) 3. Notification: Your file was used (phab:T77154) 4. Sitewide notifications through Echo (phab:T58361) 5. Allow users to create custom notifications onwiki (phab:T58362) 6. Override user-talk Echo notification with something more MassMessage-specific (phab:T59234) 7. Notify user when username used in an edit summary (phab:T32750) 8. notifications about your revision being approved or rejected on wikis with FlaggedRevs enabled (phab:T54510) 9. Notify someone that an abusefilter had a sudden increase in the number of logs (phab:T100892) 10. Notifications from functionaries to users for when email isn't available (phab:T112142) 11. User rights/groups/status 11.1. Notification when user becomes auto-confirmed (phab:T54690...

    Phabricator: Workboard (See also phab:tag/collaboration-team-current)
    Metrics Dashboards: E.g. en, es, it, pt(many metrics were collected for a short time. Some are still ongoing, and some are new at specific wikis.)
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