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    1 day ago · Mit der von Milošević populistisch angeführten antibürokratischen Revolution nahm der serbische Nationalismus 1988/89 für den Zusammenhalt Jugoslawiens immer bedrohlichere Züge an. Nach mehreren Großmanifestationen in Belgrad gipfelte dieser in der 600-Jahr Feier der Schlacht auf dem Amselfeld in der Amselfeld-Rede.

  2. Anti-Americanism - Wikipedia › wiki › Anti-Americanism

    1 day ago · Etymology. In the online Oxford Dictionaries the term "anti-Americanism" is defined as "Hostility to the interests of the United States".. In the first edition of Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language (1828) the term "anti-American" was defined as "opposed to America, or to the true interests or government of the United States; opposed to the revolution in America".

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    1 day ago · Diocletian was the first Emperor to divide the Roman Empire into a Tetrarchy. In 286 he elevated Maximian to the rank of augustus (emperor) and gave him control of the Western Empire while he himself ruled the East. In 293, Galerius and Constantius Chlorus were appointed as their subordinates , creating the First Tetrarchy. This system ...

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    1 day ago · The first settlement on the mainland was Santa María la Antigua del Darién in Castilla de Oro (now Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia), settled by Vasco Núñez de Balboa in 1510. In 1513, Balboa crossed the Isthmus of Panama, and led the first European expedition to see the Pacific Ocean from the West coast of the New World. In an ...

  5. Spanish American wars of independence - Wikipedia › wiki › Spanish_American_wars_of

    1 hour ago · A green flag from the expedition represented the rebels. The Northern Republican Army was defeated in the bloodiest battle in Texas, the Battle of Medina. Thus, Texas was incorporated into the Mexican Independence, and later Texas Independence and its annexation to the United States took place.

    • Spanish America
    • Spain loses dominion over all their possessions in the continental Americas and retained only the islands of Cuba and Puerto Rico.
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    1 day ago · Merkel is the first woman to be elected chancellor, and the first chancellor since German reunification to have been raised in the former East Germany. At the 2009 federal election, the CDU obtained the largest share of the vote, and Merkel was able to form a coalition government with the Free Democratic Party (FDP).

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