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  1. Amflora - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Amflora (also known as EH92-527-1) is a genetically modified potato cultivar developed by BASF Plant Science. "Amflora" potato plants produce pure amylopectin starch that is processed to waxy potato starch. It was approved for industrial applications in the European Union on 2 March 2010 by the European Commission.

  2. Michael Pollan - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Each section presents a unique element of human domestication, or the "human bumblebee" as Pollan calls it. These range from the true story of Johnny Appleseed to Pollan's first-hand research with sophisticated marijuana hybrids in Amsterdam, to the alarming and paradigm-shifting possibilities of genetically engineered potatoes.

  3. 'Back to the future': The case for returning to risk-based ...

    1 day ago · In contemplating an improved regulatory approach for genetically modified animals, perhaps it is time to ditch the process-based trigger which requires additional regulatory scrutiny of plants and ...

  4. Weekend Funnies … | One Regular Guy Writing about Food ...

    1 day ago · Weekend Funnies … | One Regular Guy Writing about Food ... ... Tony

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