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  1. For distances of less than 5 kilometers (3.1 miles), cycling accounts for 25% of all personal travel; There are over 12,000 kilometers (7,456 miles) of bike paths throughout Denmark [7] The same story is being told in the Netherlands: In the Dutch capital of Amsterdam, bicycles outnumber the inhabitants (880,000 bikes versus 800,000 people)

  2. Feb 08, 2017 · Also, Finland is bilingual country (Finnish and Swedish) and 5% of Finns are having Swedish as their mother tongue. Even not belonging to Skandinavia, Finland shares lot of common history, wars etc. with other Nordic countries. More than with Baltic countries.

  3. Dec 08, 2021 · Vietnam is among the cheapest Asian countries — not to mention among the most underrated! Visiting Vietnam more than once has shown me it is a country of contrasts, home to big tourist hotspots but equally some of the most authentic places around. The typical Vietnam itineraries don’t quite tell the full story.

  4. Other columns are sortable. This allows ranking of any column. Key: R/P 10% The ratio of the average income of the richest 10% to the poorest 10%. R/P 20% The ratio of the average income of the richest 20% to the poorest 20%. Gini Gini index, a quantified representation of a nation's Lorenz curve. A Gini index of 0% expresses perfect equality ...

  5. This difference results from the fact that in many less-developed countries almost all women at age 35 have married, and at an average age substantially less than in 18th-century Europe. Second, many of the less-developed areas of the world today are much more densely populated than was western Europe at the beginning of the industrial revolution.

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    Other countries. The number of stave churches constructed in Iceland and the rest of Europe is unknown. [citation needed] Some believe [who?] they were the first type of church to be constructed in Scandinavia; however, the post churches are an older type, although the difference between the two is slight. A stave church has a lower ...

  7. This is a difference in attitude between Americans and French when describing their countries: the French tend to regard overseas territories as more vitally part of their country than Americans do. Not sure why, possibly it was a deliberately-cultivated attitude by the government at some point, or maybe the difference arose organically.

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