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      • Transcription has to do with the writing of musical sounds. In the field of ethnomusicology, transcription has long been considered as an important skill which should lead the ethnomusicologist toward the analysis of folk music, non-Western art music and contemporary music in oral tradition.
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  2. Mar 20, 2023 · Harvard University Department of Music. The Music Department offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. Additionally, the department sponsors numerous concerts, colloquia, lectures and special music events each month, which are free to students and the public. See what events are happening in the Music Department.

  3. Oct 21, 2015 · Well, no. Transcripts can be used for so many different purposes that it would take too much time to list them all. But the fact is transcripts are often faster to read than the time it takes to listen to audio or video. It’s also easier to distribute to other people, like clients or coworkers.

  4. Dec 7, 2020 · transcription (n.) transcription. (n.) 1590s, from French transcription, from Late Latin transcriptionem (nominative transcriptio ), noun of action from past-participle stem of transcribere (see transcribe ). Biological sense is from 1961. Related: Transcriptional; transcriptionist.

  5. With this plan in every cell, your body is able to convert DNA into action molecules, which are proteins, by way of an intermediary, RNA. This idea is so central to biology that it is often called the central dogma of biology: DNA is transcribed to RNA which is translated to protein.

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