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  1. Aug 8, 2023 · Welcome to the English-language Wiktionary, a collaborative project to produce a free-content multilingual dictionary. It aims to describe all words of all languages using definitions and descriptions in English. Wiktionary has grown beyond a standard dictionary and now includes a thesaurus, a rhyme guide, phrase books, language statistics and ...

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    Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia. Wikibooks Free textbooks. Wikinews Free news source. Wikidata Free knowledge base. Wikiversity Free course materials. Wikiquote Free quote compendium. MediaWiki Free & open wiki application. Wikisource Free library. Wikispecies Free species directory.

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    Wiktionary ( UK: / ˈwɪkʃənəri /, WIK-shə-nər-ee; US: / ˈwɪkʃənɛri /, WIK-shə-nerr-ee; rhyming with "dictionary") is a multilingual, web -based project to create a free content dictionary of terms (including words, phrases, proverbs, linguistic reconstructions, etc.) in all natural languages and in a number of artificial languages.

  4. Aug 31, 2023 · Wiktionary is a free, multilingual dictionary with definitions, etymologies, pronunciations, sample quotations, synonyms, antonyms and translations. It's the "lexical companion" to Wikipedia. Collaborative online resources such as Wiktionary may offer a first view of recent coinages which have not yet been included in traditional dictionaries.

  5. Sep 26, 2023 · English language, literature, composition as a subject of study. An English surname originally denoting a non-Celtic or non-Danish person in Britain. A male or female given name. A town, the county seat of Crawford County, Indiana; named for Indiana statesman William Hayden English.

  6. Sep 25, 2023 · dictionary ( plural dictionaries ) Two interlanguage dictionaries. A reference work with a list of words from one or more languages, normally ordered alphabetically, explaining each word's meanings ( senses ), and sometimes also containing information on its etymology, pronunciation, usage, semantic relations, and translations, as well as other ...

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