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  1. We make the points you earn in games matter. By harnessing the power of Bitcoin, we attach real-world value to points, scores and economies in virtual worlds.

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    Zebedee (/ ˈ z ɛ b ɪ d iː / ZEB-id-ee; Ancient Greek: Ζεβεδαῖος, romanized: Zebedaîos; Hebrew romanized: Zəḇaḏyâ), according to all four Canonical Gospels, was the father of James and John, two disciples of Jesus.

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  4. Zebedee was established by co-founders Laura and Zoe in 2017 with a passion for diversity, today we are the world's leading inclusive talent agency, supporting hundreds of modes with disabilities and visible differences, non-binary, and trans models and actors across the UK, Europe, USA and Australia, and Japan. Our pool of UK models, actors ...

  5. The one tool you’ll need to start playing games for Bitcoin. Find Bitcoin games, events and guides or use ZEBEDEE as your Bitcoin Lightning wallet.

  6. St. James, also called James, son of Zebedee, or James the Greater, (born, Galilee, Palestine—died 44 ce, Jerusalem; feast day July 25), one of the Twelve Apostles, distinguished as being in Jesus’ innermost circle and the only apostle whose martyrdom is recorded in the New Testament (Acts 12:2). James and his younger brother, St. John the Apostle, are designated Boanerges (from the Greek ...

  7. Les « Jacques » du Nouveau Testament. Plusieurs personnages se prénomment Jacques dans le Nouveau Testament : Jacques de Zébédée, l'un des Douze, frère de l'apôtre Jean ; Jacques d'Alphée, un autre des Douze, souvent mis en rapport avec Thaddée et surnommé Jacques le Mineur dans la tradition romaine ; un autre Jacques, le père de l'apôtre Jude (mais il reste quasiment inconnu et ...

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