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  1. Zechariah is a figure in the New Testament and the Quran, and venerated in Christianity and Islam. In the Bible he is the father of John the Baptist, a priest of the sons of Aaron in the Gospel of Luke, and the husband of Elizabeth who is a relative of the Virgin Mary.

    • 1st century BC
    • 1st century BC (or early AD), Jerusalem (Matthew 23:35), the Levant
    • Biblical Account
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    According to the Gospel of Luke, during the reign of king Herod, there was a priest named Zechariah, of the course of Abia, whose wife Elizabeth was also of the priestly family of Aaron. The evangelist states that both the parents were righteous before God, since they were "blameless" in observing the commandments and ordinances of the Lord. When the events related in Luke began, their marriage was still childless, because Elizabeth was "barren", and they were both "well advanced in years" (Luke 1:5–7). The duties at the temple in Jerusalem alternated between each of the family lines that had descended from those appointed by king David (1 Chronicles 24:1–19). Luke states that during the week when it was the duty of Zechariah's family line to serve at "the temple of the Lord", the lot for performing the incense offering had fallen to Zechariah (Luke 1:8–11). The Gospel of Luke states that while Zechariah ministered at the altar of incense, an angel of the Lord appeared and announced...

    Identification with Zechariah from Matthew

    Origen suggested that the Zechariah mentioned in Matthew 23:35as having been killed between the temple and the altar may be the father of John the Baptist.


    The Gospel of James, a 2nd-century apocryphal work, recounts that, at the time of the massacre of the Innocents, when King Herodordered the slaughter of all males under the age of two in an attempt to prevent the prophesied Messiah from coming to Israel, Zechariah refused to divulge the whereabouts of his son (who was in hiding), and he was therefore murdered by Herod's soldiers. This account is also present in subsequent Eastern Orthodox tradition.


    The Catholic Church commemorates him as a saint, along with Elizabeth, on September 23on as it is believed that his temple duty before John the Baptist's conception took place on the Day of Atonement. He is also venerated as a prophet in the Calendar of Saints of the Lutheran Church on September 5. The Eastern Orthodox Church also celebrates the feast day of Zechariah on September 5, together with Elizabeth, who is considered a matriarch. Zechariah and Elizabeth are invoked in several prayers...

    Zechariah (Arabic: زكريا Zakariyya) is also a prophet in Islam, and is mentioned in the Qur'an as the father of Yaḥyā (John the Baptist). Zechariah is also believed by some Muslims to have been a martyr. An old tradition narrates that Zakariya was sawed in half, in a death which resembles that attributed to Isaiah in Lives of the Prophets.

    Qiṣaṣ al-'Anbiyā’ (Arabic: قِـصَـص الْأَنـۢبِـيَـاء, Stories of the Prophets (in Islam))

    This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Easton, Matthew George (1897). Easton's Bible Dictionary (New and revised ed.). T. Nelson and Sons. Missing or empty |tit...

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  3. Answer and Explanation: Zechariah is a figure who appears in the New Testament. Zechariah is the father of John the Baptist, the forerunner of Jesus Christ who is a key figure in the gospels.

  4. Zechariah (Hebrew: זְכַרְיָה‎ Zəḵaryāh, "remember Yah"; Greek: Ζαχαρίας; Zacharias in KJV; Zachary in the Douay–Rheims Bible; Zakaryya or Zakaryaʾ (Arabic: زكـريـا‎) in Islamic tradition) is a figure in the New Testament and the Quran, and venerated in Christianity and Islam. Read more on Wikipedia.

  5. Zechariah (New Testament figure) Figure in the New Testament part of the Christian Bible and the Quran, hence venerated in Christianity and Islam. Wikipedia. John the Baptist. Jewish itinerant preacher in the early 1st century AD.

  6. Dec 02, 2016 · Facts about Zechariah (John the Baptist’s Father) He’s the father of John the Baptist, and although he never shows up in your Nativity scenes, Zechariah is an important figure in the story of Christ’s birth. So important, in fact, that when Luke writes down the account of Christ’s life on earth, he begins with Zechariah.

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