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  1. Dec 2, 2016 · 5. Zechariah is old and (at first) childless. Luke fills his first chapter with callbacks and allusions to the miraculous of significant figures in Israel’s history. Zechariah and Elizabeth are old and have no children: similar to how Abraham and Sarah were before the birth of Isaac. It was a sad thing in those days to have no children.

  2. 1. A Benjaminite of the family of Jeiel (KJV, Jehiel) at Gibeon ( 1 Chron 9:35, 37 ); called Zecher (KJV Zacher; in 1 Chron 8:31 ). The latter is prob. a short form of Zechariah. 2. A Levite of the Kohathites of the house of Izhar through Ebiasaph. He was Meshelamiah’s eldest son.

  3. 1. Background. The historical situation underlying the Book of Zechariah is identical with that which gave rise to the oracles of Haggai. Both men were contemporaries, and were mentioned together in Ezra 5:1 and 6:14.

  4. A Call to Return to the Lord. 1 In the eighth month of the second year of Darius, the word of the Lord came to the prophet Zechariah son of Berekiah, the son of Iddo: 2 “The Lord was very angry with your ancestors. 3 Therefore tell the people: This is what the Lord Almighty says: ‘Return to me,’ declares the Lord Almighty, ‘and I will ...

  5. Zechariah 1. A Call to Repentance. ( Jeremiah 3:11–25; Hosea 14:1–3) 1 In the eighth month of the second year of Darius, the word of the LORD came to the prophet Zechariah son of Berechiah, the son of Iddo, saying: 2 “The LORD was very angry with your fathers. 3 So tell the people that this is what the LORD of Hosts says: ‘Return to Me ...

  6. 1. Who? Zechariah. He was a contemporary of Haggai whose book, for its size, has more to say about both Christ’s first and second coming than any other Old Testament book, including His triumphal entry (Zech. 9:9). His betrayal for 30 pieces of silver (Zech. 11:12, 13), crucifixion (Zech. 12:10), and future return to the Mt. of Olives (Zech. 14:4).

  7. Zechariah is given eight night visions that promise the restoration of the city of Jerusalem and the temple, the overthrow of hostile nations, the eradication of wickedness, and YHWH’s return to the people along with a future Davidic king (1:7–6:8). A prophetic sign action (6:9–15) reiterates several of these themes.

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