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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Abaqa Khan (27 February 1234 – 4 April 1282, Mongolian: Абаха/Абага хан ( Khalkha Cyrillic), ᠠᠪᠠᠬᠠ ᠬᠠᠨ ( Traditional script), "paternal uncle", also transliterated Abaġa ), was the second Mongol ruler ( Ilkhan) of the Ilkhanate. The son of Hulagu Khan and Lady Yesünčin.

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    Abaqa Khan (1234–1282), also Abaga (Mongolian: Abaga Khaan, "paternal uncle"; Mongolian Cyrillic: Аваг хаан), or Abagha Khan, was the second Mongol ruler (Il-khan) of the Persian Ilkhanate. The son of Hulagu Khan and Yesuncin Khatun, he reigned from 1265–1282 and was succeeded by his brother Tekuder Khan. Much of Abaqa's reign was consumed with civ...

    Abaqa was born in Mongolia in February 1234, son of Ilkhanate founder Hulagu Khan. His stepmother was Hulagu's Kerait princess bride, Doquz Khatun. Doquz, a devout Nestorian Christian, was regarded as a spiritual leader of the Mongols, who were generally tolerant of many religions. Abaqa himself was marginally Buddhist, though he was also very symp...

    Golden Horde Since Hulagu's reign, the Mongols of the Ilkhanate had been at war with the Mongols of the Golden Horde. This continued into Abaqa's reign, and the Golden Horde invaded the Ilkhanate in the Spring after his accession. Part of this was due to an alliance between the Golden Horde and the Egyptian Mamluks, in that the Golden Horde was att...

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  3. Abaqa Khan (1234–1282), juga disebut Abaga (Абага) atau Abagha Khan, adalah penguasa (Il-khan) Mongol kedua di Ilkhanat Persia. Dia adalah putra dari Hulagu Khan dan Yesuncin Khatun. [1] Dia berkuasa pada tahun 1265–1282 dan mewarisi tahta dari saudara kandungnya, Tekuder Khan.

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    Padishah Khatun (executed 1295), daughter of Qutb-ud-din, ruler of Kerman and Kutlugh Turkan, widow of Abaqa Uruk Khatun, daughter of Saricha of Keraites, widow of Arghun Khan Bulughan Khatun (m. 1292, died 5 January 1310), daughter of Otman, nephew of Abatai Noyan of Khongirad, and widow of Arghun Nani Agachi Chin Pulad

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