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    What is the best way to describe an acute angle?

    Which is a correct definition for an acute angle?

    What is the meaning of an acute angle?

    What does an acute angle look like?

  2. Definition of an Acute Angle Any angle that measures greater than 0° and less than 90° is called an acute angle. ∠ABC measures 30° and hence it is an acute angle. Examples of Acute Angles Acute angles measure less than 90° Therefore, 67°, 45°, 23°, 52°, 86°, 14° are all examples of acute angles.

  3. An acute angle is an angle that measures between 90° and 0°, meaning it is smaller than a right angle (an “L” shape) but has at least some space between the two lines that form it. A “V” shape is an example of an acute angle. An angle is the space between two intersecting lines or planes (surfaces), or the figure formed from such an intersection. Angles are usually measured in degrees (°).

  4. An acute angle is defined as an angle that measures less than 90 degrees i.e. measure between 0° to 90°. Some of the examples are 60°, 30°, 45 degrees, etc. A triangle formed by all the interior angles measuring less than 90° is called an acute triangle.

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