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  1. Adelheid von Braunschweig-Grubenhagen (1341 - 1406) - Genealogy › people › Adelheid-von-Braunschweig-G

    Sep 16, 2018 · In 1362, Bogislaw V married his second wife Adelheid of Brunswick-Grubenhagen. She was a daughter of Ernest I, Duke Brunswick-Grubenhagen and Adelheid of Everstein. They had four children: Wartislaw VII of Pomerania (d. 24 February 1395). Father of Eric of Pomerania. Bogislaw VIII of Pomerania (c. 1363 - 11 February 1418).

  2. Henry I, Duke of Brunswick-Grubenhagen - Wikipedia › wiki › Henry_I_of_Brunswick

    Adelheid of Montferrat Henry I (August 1267 – 7 September 1322), Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg , called the Admirable ( German : Heinrich der Wunderliche , Latin : Henricus Mirabilis ), a member of the House of Welf , was the first ruler of the Principality of Grubenhagen from 1291 until his death.

    • August 1267
    • 1291–1322
  3. Adelaide of Brunswick (1285 - 1320) - Genealogy › people › Adelaide

    Daughter of Henry I "the Admirable" duke of Brunswick-Grubenhagen and Agnes of Meissen Wife of Henry of Bohemia and Andronikos III Palaiologos, Emperor of Byzantium Mother of Margaret "Maultasch" last countess of Tyrol; Adelheid av Kärnten and Unknown Palaiologos Sister of Heinrich II, von Braunschweig-Grubenhagen; Mechthild von Braunschweig ...

  4. Duchess Grubenhagen Adelheid von Everstein (Van Everstein ... › people › Duchess-Grubenhagen-Adelheid

    F Adelheid van EversteinPrint Family Tree(Adelheid Everstein) Born about 1310 Deceased 29 September 1373 , age at death: possibly 63 years old Spouses and children Married in 1335 to Ernst van Brunswijk Grubenhagen ca 1300-1361 with M Albrecht van Brunswijk Grubenhagen ca 1340-1383 F Adelheid van Brunswijk Grubenhagen ca 1341-1406 M Friedrich ...

  5. Philip of Brunswick-Grubenhagen - Wikipedia › Philip_of_Brunswick-Grubenhagen

    Philip was nephew of Adelheid of Brunswick, wife of Andronikos III Palaiologos the Roman Emperor. Marriage and issue. He married firstly Helisia de Dampierre and had a daughter: Helvis of Brunswick-Grubenhagen (1353–1421) married James I of Cyprus (son of Alix of Ibelin and Hugh IV of Cyprus).

    • Heloise d' Ibelin
    • Peter of Lusignan (c. 1415?)
  6. William, Duke of Brunswick-Grubenhagen - Wikipedia › wiki › William,_Duke_of_Brunswick

    William of Brunswick-Grubenhagen (c. 1298 – 1360) was a Prince of Brunswick-Grubenhagen.. Life. He was the third son of Duke Henry I "Mirabilis" of Brunswick-Grubenhagen and his wife Agnes, née Countess of Meissen.

  7. Philip I, Duke of Brunswick-Grubenhagen - Wikipedia › wiki › Philip_I,_Duke_of

    Philip I, Duke of Brunswick-Grubenhagen was a member of the House of Guelph. He was ruler of the Principality of Grubenhagen. He was the second son of Duke Albert II of Grubenhagen and his wife Elizabeth, née Countess of Waldeck. Philip was the last member of the Grubenhagen line to use the title Duke of Brunswick. His successors used the title Duke of Brunswick and Lüneburg, like most other princes of the House of Guelph. After his father's death in 1485, he was first under the ...

  8. Helvis of Brunswick-Grubenhagen - Wikipedia › Helvis_of_Brunswick-Grubenhagen

    Helvis of Brunswick-Grubenhagen, was the Queen consort of Cyprus and Queen consort of Armenia as the wife of King James I of Cyprus. He was also titular King of Jerusalem. She was styled Queen of Cyprus from 1382 to 1398; although at the time of his ascension to the Cypriot throne, he and Helvis were imprisoned in Genoa after they had been captured by the Genoese on the island of Rhodes. Almost all of Helvis' 12 children were born to her while she was held prisoner. In 1385, after negotiations a

  9. Eric of Brunswick-Grubenhagen - Wikipedia › wiki › Eric_of_Brunswick-Grubenhagen

    Eric of Brunswick-Grubenhagen (1478 – 14 May 1532 in Fürstenau) was from 1508 to 1532 prince-bishop of Paderborn and Osnabrück.In 1532, he was elected bishop of Münster, however, he died before he could be consecrated.

  10. Wartislaw VII, Duke of Pomerania Life, Ancestors, Notes, The ... › en › Wartislaw_VII,_Duke_of

    Adelheid of Brunswick-Grubenhagen Wartislaw VII ( Polish : Warcisław VII ) (*1363/1365 – † 1394/1395) [1] was one of the Dukes of Pomerania .His full name and title was Duke Heinrich Wartislaw VII of Pomerania-Stolp.

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