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  1. Elisabeth of Brunswick-Grubenhagen. Elizabeth of Brunswick-Grubenhagen (20 March 1550 – 11 February 1586) was the first wife of Duke John of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg, the son of King Christian III of Denmark .

    • 20 March 1550
    • 1568 – 1586
    • Life
    • Family
    • References

    He was the eldest son of the Brunswick duke Albert the Tall and his second wife Adelaide, daughter of Margrave Boniface II of Montferrat. His father had ruled the Duchy of Brunswick-Lüneburg jointly with his brother John, until both divided their territory in 1269. Albert went on to rule the Principality of Wolfenbütteluntil his death in 1279. Henry first ruled the Brunswick principality of Wolfenbüttel jointly with his younger brothers Albert II the Fat and William. In 1291 they again divided the territory; Henry received the part that came to be known as Principality of Grubenhagen. It included the cities of Einbeck, half of Hamelin, Clausthal, Amelungsborn, Duderstadt, Herzberg, and Osterode. Henry quarreled with his brother Albert, who had received the Principality of Göttingen, over the remaining belittled areas around Brunswick and Wolfenbüttel, but Albert prevailed, and Henry retreated to Grubenhagen. He took Einbeck as his residence. In 1320, Henry was appointed Count Palati...

    Henry married Agnes, daughter of Albert the Degenerate, Margrave of Meissen, in 1282. They had 16 children: 1. Elizabeth (born c. 1282), married Frederick, Count of Beichlingen 2. Otto (born c. 1283, died in or before 1309) 3. Albert (born c. 1284, died after 1341), joined the Teutonic Order 4. Adelaide (1285–1320), married King Henry I of Bohemia 5. Facie (daughter; born c. 1286, died before or in 1312) 6. Agnes, Abbess of Osterode(born c. 1287, died between 1332 and 1336) 7. Henry(born c. 1289, died before or in 1351) 8. Frederick (c. 1291 – c. 1323) 9. Adelheid of Brunswick (c. 1293 – 17 August 1324), married Andronikos III Palaiologos, Roman Emperor 10. Conrad (c. 1294 – c. 1320) 11. Mechtild (c. 1295 – between 24 October 1333 and 14 March 1344), married John II of Werle 12. Ernest(c. 1297 – 11 March 1361) 13. William(c. 1298–1360) 14. Richardis, Abbess of Osterode(born c. 1300, died between 1332 and 1336) 15. Margaret (born c. 1300, died in or after 1312) 16. John, (born before...

    Braunschweigisches Biographisches Lexikon, Appelhans 2006, ISBN 3-937664-46-7
    • August 1267
    • 1291–1322
  2. He married firstly Helisia de Dampierre and had a daughter: Helvis of Brunswick-Grubenhagen (1353–1421) married James I of Cyprus (son of Alix of Ibelin and Hugh IV of Cyprus). Helvis and James I had 12 children: Janus of Cyprus, Mary of Lusignan Queen of Naples and others. Secondly he married Alix of Ibelin, the widow of Hugh IV of Cyprus. Because of the close relation, a Papal dispensation had been required for the marriage.

    • Heloise d' Ibelin
    • Peter of Lusignan (c. 1415?)
  3. Adelheid: Birthdate: estimated between 1160 and 1220 : Death: Immediate Family: Wife of Gerhard von Weisweiler Mother of Sophia van Weisweiler. Managed by: Private User Last Updated: March 3, 2015

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