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  1. Jun 05, 2021 · Countries of the World 327; Unique First Letter States On a Map 292; 10 Most Populous Countries in Order 262; Statue by Country 158; Missing Countries: Europe 155; Countries of South America 144; US States 137

  2. Southern Africa: Countries - Map Quiz Game: South Africa is one of only two perforated countries in the world. It completely surrounds Lesotho, and nearly surrounds Eswatini. Can you figure out which ones they are on this map quiz game? If you are truly ready for this geography quiz, you should be able to get them all right in less than five seconds!

  3. Eswatini has 2 capitals: Mbabane(executive), and Lobamba (legislative). South Africa has 3 capitals: Pretoria (executive), Bloemfontein (judicial), and Cape Town (legislative) indicates that the link will show the location on the map.

  4. Aug 02, 2021 · There are two small landlocked countries that share borders with the country: Lesotho is completely encircled, while most of Swaziland is encircled, by the country. List of African Countries and Capitals, Population and GDP. The following is a table of all African nations, their capital cities, population in 2019 and GDP per capita (2019).

  5. May 05, 2020 · World Map with Countries and Capitals List of Countries and their Capitals. As the capital cities of their countries, these towns differ greatly in terms of safety, prices, health care, pollution level, and other conditions. Given below is the list of Countries and Capitals in alphabetical order.

  6. Africa: countries quiz Click on an area on the map to answer the questions. If you are signed in, your score will be saved and you can keep track of your progress.

  7. Apr 19, 2019 · Countries of the World 5,471; Find the US States 5,252; Find the Countries of Europe - No Outlines Minefield 4,656; 6 to 1: Countries by Continent 3,452; US States 3,426; Countries of Europe 2,995; Countries by First Letter Minefield 2,436

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