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  1. Can you name the African countries? By Matt Plays. Comments. Comments. Bookmark Quiz ... 50 States Quiz Countries of the World Quiz Name the US States Logos Quiz 151 ...

  2. This is a list of African countries sorted by population, which is sorted by normalized demographic projections from the most recently available census or demographic data. Africa remains one of the world's fastest growing regions. 60% of Africa is 25 years of age or younger.

  3. ___ Official and Spoken Languages of African Countries. List of official, national and spoken languages of Africa. Africa is a continent with a very high linguistic diversity, there are an estimated 1500-2000 African languages. Of these languages four main groupings can be distinguished: Afro-Asiatic

  4. Some countries may have citizens that are on average wealthy. These countries/regions could appear in this list as having a small GDP. This would be because the country/region listed has a small population, and therefore small total economy; the GDP is calculated as the population times market value of the goods and services produced per person ...

  5. List of countries (or dependencies) in Africa ranked by population, from the most populated. Growth rate, median age, fertility rate, area, density, population density, urbanization, urban population, share of world population.

  6. Jun 18, 2020 · CAR - central african republic. DRC - dr congo. Typing just congo will get out both the dr congo and the rep of congo at the same time. Words that can be typed instead of countries full names. Holland - netherlands. Burma - myanmar. swaziland - eswatini. czechia - czech republic

  7. The figures reflect the quality of healthcare in the countries listed as well as other factors including ongoing wars, obesity, and HIV infections. From the beginning of the current century there is a tendency to also estimate Healthy life expectancy (HALE) — the average number of years that a person can expect to live in "full health".

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