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  1. The court maintains attorney addresses in CourtView using the "business" address on file with the Alaska Bar Association. This is the address that courts use when distributing notices, orders and judgments. ... Adult Change of Name Cases Granted * Lists adult change of name cases granted in the prior month Criminal Cases Filed ...

  2. Explore Alaska's court system and understand how to perform an Alaska court case lookup. Dive into the intricacies of public court records, online document access via CourtView, case number definitions, and steps for filing a court case in Alaska. Plus, get insights into trial percentages and the duration of cases in the state.

  3. There are two appellate courts in Alaska: the supreme court and the court of appeals. The supreme court was established by the Alaska Constitution, and the court of appeals was created by the Alaska Legislature in 1980. ... issue summonses, arrest warrants and search warrants; hear first appearances and preliminary hearings in felony cases ...

  4. Calendars, Oral Argument (Alaska Supreme Court & Court of Appeals) Calendars, Trial Court (Superior Court & District Court) Case Law (Alaska Case Law Service, 1960 - present)

  5. Alaska Court System Trial Courts. Search. Home; Admin; Appeals; Forms; Library; Media; Rules; Self-Help

  6. How to Conduct an Alaska Court Record Search by Name. The Alaska Court System has two online portals where individuals can conduct court record searches by name. To locate these tools, scroll down on the Alaska Court System homepage and click on "SEARCH CASES / PAYMENTS". ... The first is the CourtView tool which can be used to search for cases ...

  7. Jan 3, 2006 · Court's Name United States District Court For the District of Alaska - Juneau Office; Court's Address: Hurff Ackerman Saunders Federal Building and Robert Boochever U.S. Courthouse 709 W. 9th Street, Room 979, Juneau AK 99801 - MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 020349, Juneau, AK 99802

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