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  1. In the Court of Vienna she was welcomed by her mother-in-law, Archduchess Sophie, who saw in her the perfect example of a wife for an Austrian Archduke. This contributed to the strained relationship between Charlotte and Empress Elisabeth of Austria, wife of Franz Joseph I, whom Sophie treated rather cruelly. It is said that Charlotte disliked ...

  2. May 5 – Globular cluster Messier 5 (M5, NGC 5904) is discovered by Gottfried Kirch and his wife Maria Margarethe. May 6 – Cloudesley Shovell is promoted to full admiral in the English navy. May 14 – War of the Spanish Succession: War is declared on France by the Grand Alliance (Kingdom of England, Dutch Republic and Holy Roman Empire).

  3. Franz Ferdinand (portrayed by Marc Gaudet) - The archduke of Austria who was assassinated which started World War I. The Legends had to talk Eobard Thawne's temporal duplicate into delaying Ferdinand's death. Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg (portrayed by Keara Barnes) - The wife of Archduke Ferdinand.

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