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      • First, we should remember that many modern Scandinavians are themselves direct descendants of the people known as the Vikings. Regions that were the most accessible to Viking explorers had more contact with Vikings and more permanent Viking settlements.
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  2. So in the original sense of the word, no most Scandinavians are not descended from vikings, most Scandinavians are however descended from the old Norse peoples that were living in Scandinavia during the viking age. Later in Continue Reading Quora User Sole Owner and Employee at Langemark (2000–present) 3 y Some of us are.

  3. While it’s safe to say that not all Scandinavian people are descendants from Vikings, many will be — which may explain why they have so many similar genetic traits. Typical Scandinavian looks come from a background in Viking history, as Viking tribes originally populated much of the region.

  4. Dec 16, 2016 · When people hear the word Vikings, they think of lots of things. Maybe they think of a huge hulking man dressed in fur with long hair and wearing a horned helmet. Or maybe they think of seafarers setting off across the horizon on open-decked boats. Or maybe they think of farmers and blacksmiths in the valleys of Scandinavia, calling on the Old ...

  5. Nordic and Scandinavian Americans are Americans of Scandinavian and/or Nordic ancestry, including Danish Americans, Finnish Americans, Icelandic Americans, Norwegian Americans, and Swedish Americans. Also included are persons who reported 'Scandinavian' ancestry on their census. According to 2010 census data, there are approximately 10,931,991 people of Scandinavian ancestry in the United States. The terms Scandinavian and Nordic are closely related and often erroneously used interchangeably. Th

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  6. Sep 16, 2020 · Viking identity was not limited to people with Scandinavian genetic ancestry. The study shows the genetic history of Scandinavia was influenced by foreign genes from Asia and Southern Europe ...

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