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  1. Chapter 3: Crop Production Management - Corn | NC State ... › north-carolina-organic

    3 days ago · Genetic contamination of organic corn with genetically modified (GM) genes is a growing concern for organic producers. While corn pollen does not travel far in comparison to many other grass species, if temperature, humidity, and wind are favorable, corn pollen can travel thousands of feet.

  2. China develops GM corn variety to combat yield-cutting fall ... › 2021/04/12 › china

    6 days ago · James Bond once said, "Nothing is impossible", Lyu Yuping, a veteran plant breeder, had a similar belief and so named his genetically modified corn seed "the 007".

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  4. The Health Hazards of GM Corn - USSA News › 04 › 13

    5 days ago · Everything You HAVE TO KNOW about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods from Jeffrey Smith on Vimeo. A study demonstrates the toxicity of three genetically modified corn varieties from the American seed company Monsanto, according to the Committee for Independent Research and Information on Genetic E

  5. GM Crops: Ethical issues, health concerns query new food ... › sunday-magazine › gm-crops-ethical

    3 days ago · She noted that the earliest genetically modified crops, which include soybeans, cotton and corn, are widely consumed in most parts of the world. And they have helped to improve food security in...

  6. Vietnam to expand production of genetically modified corn ... › 2021/04/14 › vietnam-to

    4 days ago · Production of genetically modified (GM) corn in Vietnam is increasing, driven by higher yields and profit compared to normal corn. In 2020, there were 92,000 hectares of GM corn, accounting for 10% of the country's total planted area. Profit from planting GM corn reaps USD 200-330/hectare more than...

  7. Why We Must Say No To Genetically Modified Food (GM Foods ... › why-must-say-no-genetically

    4 days ago · Why we must say no to Genetically modified food (GM foods) . Definition Genetically modified foods, GM foods or genetically engineered foods, are foods produced from organisms that have had changes introduced into their DNA using the methods of genetic engineering as opposed to traditional cross breeding.

  8. Global acreage of genetically modified crops 2019 | Statista › statistics › 263292

    4 days ago · Area of genetically modified crops grown in Canada 2014, by type Canadians who look for non-GMO food products by age 2018 Share of GM food eaten by consumers U.S. 2016

  9. Best GMO Cat Food 2021 - Kitty Catter › non-gmo

    5 days ago · Genetic modification has been focused primarily on cash crops like soy, corn, and wheat but more and more GMO ingredients have started to work their way onto pet store and grocery store shelves. With the increasing use of GMO ingredients in human and pet foods, there has been a great deal of debate regarding the health and safety of these ...

  10. 4 days ago · The GLP's mission is to aid the public, media and policymakers in understanding the science and implications of human and agricultural genetics and biotech.

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