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  1. The Handmaid's Tale (no Brasil: O Conto da Aia / em Portugal: A História de uma Serva) é uma série de televisão via streaming estadunidense criada por Bruce Miller, baseada no romance homônimo de 1985 da escritora canadense Margaret Atwood [3] e lançada pelo serviço de video sob demanda Hulu.

  2. One day at a carnival, Mr. Wilson meets the Professor and his assistant, Sylvester, who claim to be specialists in making people younger--for a price. It's a scam but Mr. Wilson is too naive to know. The first few attempts at decreasing Mr. Wilson's age fail thanks to Dennis. Mr.

  3. Sep 09, 2022 · Cast: John Cusack, Ashleigh LaThrop, Dan Byrd. ... Channel 4’s Humans uses the age-old concept of the lifelike android to pose us questions about the nature of life, love, ...

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  5. 艾希莉·拉思羅普 ( 英语 : Ashleigh LaThrop ) 飾演娜塔莉/奧芙馬修(第三季),一位對基列國虔誠的使女,也因此與其他使女產生了分歧。 蘇珍雅·絲縷 ( 英语 : Sugenja Sri ) 飾演西耶娜(第三季),一位新到勞倫斯家中的女傭。

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