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  1. Asturleonese ( Asturian: Asturlleonés; Spanish: Asturleonés; Portuguese: Asturo-leonês; Mirandese: Asturlhionés) is a Romance language spoken primarily in northwestern Spain, namely in the historical regions and Spain's modern-day autonomous communities of Asturias, northwestern Castile and León and Cantabria, and also in a small ...

  2. Indonesia recognizes only a single national language, and indigenous languages are recognized at the regional level, although policies vary from one region to another. For example, in the Special Region of Yogyakarta, the Javanese language is the region's official language along with Indonesian. [13] The Javanese language is the most spoken ...

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  4. Asturleonese ( Asturian: Asturlleonés) is a Romance language spoken mainly in the autonomous communities of Asturias, northwestern Castile and León and Cantabria, and also in some parts of Portugal. Asturleonese is a dialect continuum, speakers of Leonese, Cantabrian and Asturian ( Mirandese in Portugal) are mutually intelligible, meaning ...

  5. Llionés atau asturllionés: Bahasa ini digunakan oleh sejumlah kelompok budaya dan politik bukan perhimpunan ("Furmientu ", "La Caleya", "Facendera pola Llengua", "Faceira"...) dan penulis (Eva Gonzalez, Roberto Gonzalez-Quevedo, Hector Xil, Xosepe Vega ...) yang menggunakan aturan-aturan ejaan Akademi Bahasa Astur,".

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    Leonese is taught in sixteen schools in the cirt of León, and there are lessons for adults in several villages in the provinces of León and Zamora. For approximately fifteen years, some cultural associations have offered courses in Leonese, sometimes with the support or collaboration of local administrations in the provinces of Leon and Zamora. The...

    The language has five vowels in a stressed position, represented by a, e, i, o and u, and three (two archiphonemes /I/, /U/ and one phoneme /a/) in a nonstressed position, represented by e, u, and aat the end of word.

    UNESCO, in its Atlas of Languages in Danger in the World,places Leonese among languages in danger. Leonese is classified in the worst of the possible situations whose characteristics are: 1. Non-official language. 2. No presence in the means of communication. 3. Low level of knowledge and use. 4. Low social consideration of the language. 5. Absence...

    Literature written in Leonese started in the Middle Ages and is still written today. The first written text in Leonese is the Nodicia of Kesos (959 or 974), found in Ardón. Other works in Leonese include the Fueru de Llión, Fueru de Salamanca, Fueru Xulgu, Códice d'Alfonsu XI, Disputa d'Elena y María and Llibru d'Alixandre. Important writers are To...

    García Gil, Hector (2010). «El asturiano-leonés: aspectos lingüísticos, sociolingüísticos y legislación». Working Papers Collection. Mercator Legislation, Dret i legislació lingüístics. (25). ISSN...
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    • 20,000–50,000 (2008)
    • Spain, Portugal
  6. May 17, 2022 · Mirandese. Romance language belonging to the Astur-Leonese linguistic group, sparsely spoken in a small area of northeastern Portugal. Upload media. Wikipedia. Instance of. language, modern language. Subclass of. Asturleonese.

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