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  1. Bachelor of Arts (BA or AB; from the Latin baccalaureus artium, baccalaureus in artibus, or artium baccalaureus) is a bachelor's degree awarded for an undergraduate program in the arts, or in some cases other disciplines. A Bachelor of Arts degree course is generally completed in three or four years, depending on the country and institution. Degree attainment typically takes four years in ...

  2. Sep 17, 2021 · What is a Bachelor of Arts Degree All About? Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree will give you a strong foundation of learning across many subjects, and help you develop the career skills employers are looking for. BA degrees typically consist of 120 credits, or about 40 courses.

  3. Bachelor degree. Ranked top 50 in the world for social sciences and languages, and with 30+ study areas, our Bachelor of Arts degree offers maximum choice and flexibility. The unique Professional Futures program, and our internships and industry connections ensure you will graduate career ready. Monash is committed to admissions transparency.

  4. Dec 09, 2021 · Bachelor of Arts or BA is an undergraduate program in arts. There are various disciplines such as English, Hindi, History, Journalism and Psychology in which BA can be pursued. The course can be pursued right after passing class 12 th in India. Usually, a three-year course Arts programme is offered by colleges under various streams such as ...

  5. Jun 08, 2020 · A Bachelor of Arts degree provides a broader education in the corresponding major. They tend to focus more on communication-related coursework as well as focus on a minor area of study. With many BA plans, you may even have enough credits to opt for two minors or a double major. General requirements for a BA will include a number of liberal ...

  6. The College of Arts and Sciences offers the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree with the following majors: African American and African Diaspora Studies. American Studies. Anthropology. Biochemistry. Biology. Chemistry.

  7. Find the best colleges and universities in offering Bachelor of Arts in Irish and History in Ireland. Find all course details such as study duration, major subject, course category among others.

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