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  1. Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree. A Bachelor of Science is one of the most common degrees awarded to graduates of 4-year programs, and it signifies your achievements in a scientific, technical or professional field. Keep reading to learn more about how this type of bachelor's degree is distinct from others and what completion typically requires.

  2. The meaning of Bachelor of Science is the recipient of a bachelor's degree which usually signifies that the recipient has done the greater part of his or her course work in the sciences with some specialization in a particular science.

  3. A Bachelor of Science degree in a scientific field will give you the basic skills to do scientific research, but if you want to be on the cutting edge, you’ll have to get at least a master’s and probably a PhD in your specialty.

  4. Oct 20, 2021 · Bachelor of science (B.S.) degrees focus on providing practical, job-oriented skills in a science or math related field. These degrees typically require numerous science and math courses and fewer arts and languages courses.

  5. A Bachelor of Science degree opens doors to many career paths. In fact, a Bachelor of Science offers a huge range of majors, including engineering, health sciences, business, and technology. With so many options, it’s no wonder why thousands of students elect to pursue a B.S. degree each year.

  6. Le Bachelor of Science de l'École polytechnique est un programme en trois ans conçu pour les étudiants passionnés par les mathématiques et les sciences. Ce programme hautement sélectif et pluridisciplinaire est entièrement enseigné en anglais.

  7. "Bachelor of Science." This refers to a diploma, or the person who has earned such a diploma. If we assume that both you and I have earned a Bachelor of Science diploma, then we would be two Bachelors of Science. But that construction would be wrong for a singular.

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