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    If you can provide recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me . Key to ...

    Беларуская мова (Belarusian)
    Вiтаем (Vitajem) - We greet yo ...
    Hello (General greeting)
    Вітаю (Vitaju) Дзень добры (Dz ...
    How are you?
    Як справы? (Jak spravy?) - inf ...
    Reply to 'How are you?'
    Добра, дзякуй (Dobra, dziakuj)
  2. Belarusian Phrases - Learn Languages › belarusian_phrases

    Belarusian Phrases. Greeting. Hi! прывітанне! | pryvitanne! Good morning! добрай раніцы! | ...

    Belarusian Phrases
    прывітанне! | pryvitanne!
    Good morning!
    добрай раніцы! | dobraj ranicy ...
    Good afternoon!
    добры дзень! | dobry dzenq!
  3. Essential Belarusian Words and Phrases You Should Know › belarusian-words-and-phrases

    Mar 11, 2020 · Phrases like kali laska are what makes the Belarusian language so melodic or sing-songy. Use it when asking for a favour or in response to being thanked. When in Minsk, you can even pay a visit to a charity shop of the same name.

  4. Belarusian Phrases - Quick Online Learning - All Languages › belarusian_phrases

    Holiday Wishes Phrases. Good wishes in Belarusian in holidays and occasions: Happy birthday: з днём нараджэння!/з днём народзінаў! [z dnyom naradʐennya!/z dnyom narodzіnaw!] Happy new year: з новым годам! [z novim guodam!] Merry Christmas: з калядамі!/ з нараджэннем хрыстовым! [z kalyadamі!/ z naradʐennyem khristovim!]

  5. 7 Belarusian phrases to learn before you visit (and how to ... › real-word › 7-belarusian-phrases

    Why stop at our 7 most useful Belarusian phrases, when you could really chew the fat with the locals and exchange a few choice Belarusian expressions? Here are our three favourites: Cyrk na drocie (A circus on the wire) Used to refer to when something funny or ridiculous occurs. Čarka i skvarka (A shot of vodka and a small piece of fried bacon)

  6. Belarusian phrasebook - Wikitravel › en › Belarusian

    Jul 23, 2019 · Belarusian is the main language of Belarus. Belarusian and Russian are the two official languages, but Russian is more widely spoken. It will be difficult to get by without some Russian. The two languages are closely related, together with Ukrainian, so even the Belarusian monolinguals understand some Russian and Ukrainian.

  7. Top 11 Seductive Phrases In Belarusian To Pretend You're A Local › seductive-belarusian-phrases

    “Without you, I am like a dranik without sour cream.” This is just one of the tempting phrases you should learn to win the hearts of your friends and girlfriends in Belarus. Learn, try, laugh. “As you know, there is no nation sexier than the Belarusians. Accordingly, there is no language sexier than Belarusian.

  8. 10 words in Belarusian language you must know - HiFive Belarus › 10-belarusian-words-and-phrases-you

    Aug 25, 2017 · Here’s a collection of some useful words and sayings to put a friendly smile on our faces. Hello. Прывітанне. Pryvitannie. Goodbye. Да пабачэння. Da pabachennia. Thank you. Дзякуй.

  9. 15 Lovely Belarusian Words You Need In Your Language ... › 15-belarusian-words
    • Fajna means cool, topnotch and super-duper! When a friend asks you to a cool night out in Minsk or Grodno, you respond “Fajna!”
    • Samota is a feeling of sadness, melancholy, vague anxiety. It also means a pleasant but poignant longing for something important and intimate. Remember Lana’s “summertime sadness”?
    • Zahaplennie is when you feel fascinated and charmed by something or someone – an impressive landscape or your favourite actor or actress.
    • Piaščota is the word used to describe tenderness, limitless delicacy, mother’s care and a sense of light and warmth. The adjective from it would be piaščotny.
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