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  1. The best horror games - News Flash › 2021/01/04 › the-best-horror-games

    Jan 04, 2021 · The best Alien game ever, by a long way, Alien: Isolation stars the smartest, scariest enemy in any game. The Xenomorph’s killer instinct is matched only by its curiosity. It learns more about the Sevastopol’s nooks and crannies as it hunts you over the course of 12 hours, ripping doors off closets and peering under tables in search of prey.

  2. 10 Best Roguelike Games for 2021 | High Ground Gaming › best-roguelike-games

    Jan 01, 2021 · You’re playing one of the best roguelike games available, the stakes are high and it’s your move. The best roguelike games are known for their exciting exploration and hack-and-slash mechanics. They provide endless entertainment with new twists and turns every playthrough thanks to procedurally-generated maps and random encounters.

    • Austin Carroll
  3. My 10 best games of my 2020 - Noiseless Chatter › 2020/12/21 › my-10-best-games-of-my-2020

    Dec 21, 2020 · I’ve played it many more times since. It’s an extraordinarily good game and one of the best horror games I’ve ever played. There is no reason Resident Evil 3 couldn’t have offered an experience of similar quality, but boy was it a big step back. To be clear, it’s not a bad game.

  4. 16 Best Browser Games To Kill Time | 2021 Edition - RankRed › best-browser-games

    Jan 01, 2021 · Genre: Survival horror Dead Frontier is one of my longtime favorite MMO game. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, it compels players to fight for their survival against zombies. Each player begins the game as a professional or a worker in Nastya’s Holdout, an outpost where players can utilize common services like storage room, market, and bank.

  5. 8 Online Escape Games to Make You Feel Like You’ve Broken Free › best-online-escape-games

    Jan 06, 2021 · 8 online escape games to make you feel like you’ve broken free Photograph: Courtesy of Escape Hunt Get your adrenaline pumping with our rundown of the best online escape games the internet has ...

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  7. Fatal Frame - Wikipedia › wiki › Fatal_Frame

    19 hours ago · The series has received critical acclaim, being ranked alongside other horror series including the Resident Evil and Silent Hill series, while individual games have been ranked among the best survival horror games in existence. While the sales of individual games have never been high, the series as a whole has sold over one million copies ...

  8. 73 Best Board Games for Adults (2021) | › gifts › best-board-games-for-adults

    Jan 06, 2021 · Here’s a spooky game for horror enthusiasts that comes very highly reviewed by board game buffs all over! Betrayal At House On The Hill is a cooperative game that takes all sorts of twists and ...

  9. The 13 Best Simulation Games in 2021 | HGG › best-simulation-games
    • 13 Best Simulation Games in 2020
    • What Are Simulation Games?
    • General Thoughts on Simulation Games
    • Further Reading

    Let’s dive into our roundup of the best simulation games, with options ranging from PC to console to mobile.

    A simulation game is a type of video game that closely imitates real-life activities and environments. There is typically no end goal; instead, players are encouraged to control a character and explore their options as they wish. To that end, sims make extensive use of sandbox and open-world environmentsto provide players with unfettered creative opportunities. As for the simulated world itself? Popular titles feature settings ranging from the battlefield to theme parks, race tracks and more. The genre got its start back in the 1980s when titles like Fortune Builder and SimCity exploded onto the scene. They were an instant hit with consumers, and they paved the way for countless new games including pinball clones, racing emulators, and environmental sims. Fortunately, the genre has only grown since mobile devices introduced them to an even wider audience. Dozens of new titles are in the works, and demand remains strong.

    Now that we’ve seen the best sims on the market, let’s dive a bit deeper into the nuances of the genre. 1. You get to step into another life. The best simulation games give players the opportunity to step out of their shoes and into another. This makes them a great way to expand one’s horizonsand explore potential opportunities. 2. They’re great for entertainment, training, and analysis. Simulators are great for gaming, but they’re also used in industries ranging from aviation to environmental studies for training and analysis purposes. 3. Simulation games are all-encompassing. While the term simulation gameis only used to describe a small number of titles, most games imitate real-life activities and utilize simulation mechanics to some degree. To that end, there are dozens of simulation game sub-genres including construction, management, dating, war, and others. 4. They’re becoming a VR staple. Virtual reality offers unbelievable immersion, and sim games are a natural fit. In fact,...

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  10. 24 Best Chromebook Games You Should Play in 2021 | Beebom › best-chromebook-games

    Jan 12, 2021 · The Best Chromebook Games Ranked for You. So that was our list of the 24 best Chromebook games that you should definitely play on your Chromebook. I have tried to include all kinds of games available on cloud services to Android games compatible with Chrome OS right now.

    • Alto’s Odyssey
      Alto’s Odyssey
      Alto’s Odyssey is a sandboarding game from the makers of Alto’s Adventure. Just like before, the game is about an endless journey to discover the secrets of an unexplored desert.
    • Asphalt 9: Legends
      Asphalt 9: Legends
      If you are looking to play a street racing game on your Chromebook, there is no better game than Asphalt 9: Legends. What makes this game even more compelling is that the touch controls are optimized especially for Chromebooks.
    • PUBG Mobile
      PUBG Mobile
      PUBG Mobile does not need any introduction, but if you don’t know, it’s a multiplayer battle royale game where the last man standing wins the deathmatch.
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