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      • Best Symphonic Metal Bands - Nightwish, Lacrimosa, Epica, Within Temptation, Therion, Haggard, Edenbridge, Delain, Lunatica, Apocalyptica, Sirenia, Amberian Dawn
  1. Nov 17, 2021 · From Delain and Devin Townsend to Celtic Frost, Nightwish and Cradle Of Filth, these are the 25 best symphonic metal releases that saw metal embrace its grandiose side. (Image credit: Future) Page 1 of 3: The 25 best symphonic metal albums #25 - 11. The 25 best symphonic metal albums #25 - 11. The 25 best symphonic metal albums - #10 - #2.

    • Jonathan Selzer
    • Dave Ling
    • Blind Guardian – Nightfall In Middle-Earth (1998) Though some may claim they have more in common with power metal, Blind Guardian also deserve a place on any roll call of symphonic metal’s finest, thanks largely to the way they compose and arrange their songs.
    • Rhapsody – Symphony Of Enchanted Lands (1998) Few albums have attained a finer, cleaner blend of orchestral sounds and heavy metal than Symphony Of Enchanted Lands.
    • Haggard – Awaking The Centuries (2000) The name of Haggard may be unfamiliar to casual fans of symphonic metal but the Germans have existed since the 1990s, albeit in more death metal-style earlier incarnations.
    • Symphony X – V: The New Mythology Suite (2000) New Jersey’s Symphony X have been blending symphonic, neo-classical and power metal with progressive elements for more than two decades to create some of the most striking and colourful music around.
  2. Dark Folk, Neofolk, Folk Metal, Doom Metal, Symphonic Metal, Neoclassical Darkwave, Gothic Metal Songs of Moors and Misty Fields (1997) #1821 Where at Night the Wood Grouse Plays (1999) #2807

    Band / Formed / Genres
    Rhapsody of Fire 1995, Italy Power Metal, ...
    Power of the Dragonflame (2002) #36 ...
    Avantasia 2000, Germany Power Metal, ...
    The Metal Opera (2001) #53 Moonglow ...
    Kamelot 1991, United States Power Metal, ...
    The Black Halo (2005) #24 Karma (2001) ...
    Angra 1991, Brazil Power Metal, ...
    Temple of Shadows (2004) #19 Rebirth ...
  3. Mar 14, 2023 · Doom Metal Symphonic Metal Dark Folk Black Metal Neoclassical Darkwave Death Doom Metal Symphonic Black Metal sombre melancholic melodic bittersweet introspective atmospheric medieval epic 506 Ratings 7 Reviews 3.66 Average Sirius B Therion 3.64 1k 1,126 20 20 24 May 2004 Album Symphonic Metal Gothic Metal Progressive Metal Power Metal

  4. Bill Clove: Return to Glory - Symphonic/Technical/Melodic Death Metal (March 3rd, 2023) - Single (YouTube): Thorn of the Enemy. Starer: Coverer - Symphonic Black Metal (March 3rd, 2023) - EP - Single (YouTube): Mountain Song. Brundarkh: Those Born of Fire & Shadow - Symphonic/Melodic Death Metal (March 6th, 2023) - Single (YouTube): Beneath The ...

  5. Within Temptation, Therion, Rhapsody of Fire, Kamelot, Delain, Blind Guardian, Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, Amberian Dawn, Edenbridge, After Forever, TSO, Symphony X, Avantasia, Ayreon, Luca Turilli, Dark Moor, Fairyland, Dragonforce, Twilight Force, Gloryhammer, Beyond the Black, petertheawesome1 • 2 days ago

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