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    1 day ago · In 1568, John Frederick, Duke of Pomerania and bishop of Cammin, started constructing a residence, finished by his successor Casimir VI of Pomerania in 1582. After the 1637 death of the last Pomeranian duke, Bogislaw XIV, the city passed to his cousin, Bishop Ernst Bogislaw von Croÿ of Kammin.

    • city county
    • 75-900, 75-902, 75-007, 75-016
    • 32 m (105 ft)
    • Poland
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    4 days ago · The oldest known unambiguous mention of "Kashubia" dates from 19 March 1238 – Pope Gregory IX wrote about Bogislaw I as dux Cassubie – the Duke of Kashubia. The old one dates from the 13th century (a seal of Barnim I from the House of Pomerania , Duke of Pomerania-Stettin ).

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    3 days ago · Mecklenburg-West Pomerania was established on 9 July 1945, by order No. 5 of Red Army Marshal Georgy Zhukov, head of the Soviet Military Administration in Germany (SMAD), as the Province of Mecklenburg and West Pomerania (zapadnoi Pomeranii).

    • 23,174 km² (8,948 sq mi)
    • Germany
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    3 days ago · In the late 12th century, Henry the Lion, Duke of the Saxons, reconquered the region, took oaths from its local lords, and Christianized its people, in a precursor to the Northern Crusades. From the 12th to 14th centuries, large numbers of Germans and Flemings settled the area ( Ostsiedlung ), importing German law and improved agricultural ...

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    6 days ago · city of greifswald (mecklenburg-west pomerania, germany) | hansestadt luebeck free and hanseatic city of lübeck 1226-1937 (germany) | hansa city of lübeck (germany) | hanshagen lubmin subcounty (germany) | hansk hańsk commune (poland) | hanson county alexandria, south dakota (u.s.) | hanson county, south dakota (u.s.) | hanson

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    21 hours ago · In 1772, Galicia was the largest part of the area annexed by the Habsburg Monarchy in the First Partition of Poland.As such, the later Austrian region of Second Polish Republic which is today part of Ukraine was known as the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria to underline the Hungarian claims to the country.

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