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  1. They allied with King Casimir III of Poland, whose daughter Elisabeth married Bogislaw, against the Teutonic Order. The death of Barnim in 1366 led to a quarrel between Bogislaw and Wartislaw, which was settled by a treaty in 1368 partitioning Pomerania between Bogislaw V, Wartislaw V, and Barnim"s sons, Bogislaw VI and Wartislaw VI.

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    Bogislaw V the Great: c.1318: c.1330-1368: 23 April 1374: Pomerania-Wolgast: Elisabeth of Poland 24 or 25 February 1343 three children Adelaide of Brunswick-Grubenhagen 1362 or 1363 four children: Wartislaw V: c.1 November 1326: c.1330-1368: 1390: Pomerania-Wolgast: Anna of Mecklenburg before 1390 no children: Co-ruler with his brother, Bogislaw V.

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    This is a list of the duchies and dukes of Pomerania. 1 Dukes of the Slavic Pomeranian tribes (All Pomerania) 1.1 Non-dynastic 2 Duchy of Pomerania 2.1 Partitions of Pomerania 2.1.1 First partition 1155-1264 2.1.2 Second partition 1295-1368 2.1.3 Third partition 1368-1376 2.1.4 Fourth partition 1376/1377-1478 2.1.5 Fifth partition 1531-1569 2.1.6 Sixth partition 1569-1625 2.1.7 Definitive ...

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    If you are talking about Bogislaw I, you are right calling him a Slav (that is a Slavic Pomeranian, not a Pole). If you are talking about Bogislaw V, X or XIV, you are wrong. As Mestwin is mentioned here several times, please note that Mestwin did not rule the duchy of Pomerania, but was a Pomerelian duke.

  5. Co-ruler with his brothers, Wartislaw V and Bogislaw V. Casimir III: 1348 1368-1372 24 August 1372 Pomerania-Stettin: unmarried: Son of Barnim III. Bogislaw V the Great: c.1318 1368-1374 23 April 1374 Pomerania-Wolgast-Stolp: Elisabeth of Poland 24 or 25 February 1343 three children

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    Pomerania gains the principality of Rügen which lies on the island of the same name off the coast. 1326 - 1368: Wartislaw V: Son. In Pommern-Stralsund only from 1368. 1326 - 1368: Bogislaw V: Brother. In Pommern-Stargard only from 1368. 1326 - 1365: Barnim IV: Brother. 1368

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    Bogislaw IV, Duke of Pomerania. Bogislaw IV (Bogusław IV; died 19 February 1309 or 24 February 1309), of the Griffins dynasty, was Duke of Pomerania for thirty years. New!!: Bogislav IX and Bogislaw IV, Duke of Pomerania · See more » Bogislaw V, Duke of Pomerania. Bogislaw V (Bogusław, Bogislaus) (c. 1318 – 23 April 1374) was a Duke ...

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    Dec 10, 2018 · Map of the historical Duchy of Pomerania from the 17th century This is a list of the duchies and dukes of Pomerania . Contents ...

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    Bogislaw VIII, Duke of Pomerania Background. Bogisław was a younger son of Duke Bogisław V of Pomerania from his second marriage with the Welf princess Adelheid, a daughter of Duke Ernest I of Brunswick-Grubenhagen.Upon the partition of the Duchy of Pomerania in 1368/72, his father received the eastern lands around Stolp (now Słupsk).Upon his death in 1374, he was succeeded by his first ...

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    May 16, 2020 · The lands of Pomerania were firstly ruled by local tribes, who settled in Pomerania around the 10th In 1227, Stolp came to Pomerelia, Schlawe to Pomerania. 40 Best Pommern carte maps images map, prussia, history. As reflected in the name of Mecklenburg West Pomerania Land state. The region is generally flat, and there are numerous small rivers ...

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