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  1. House of Griffin - Wikipedia › wiki › House_of_Pomerania

    Name of the Dynasty. The dynasty is known by two names, Pomerania, after their primary fief, and Griffin, after their coat of arms, which had featured a griffin since the late 12th century: the first verifiable use of the griffin as the dynasty's heraldic emblem occurred in a seal of Casimir II, Duke of Pomerania, which showed the imaginary beast within a shield, and was attached to a document ...

  2. Thirty Years' War - Wikipedia › wiki › Thirty_Years_War

    Gustavus signed an alliance with Bogislaw XIV, Duke of Pomerania, securing his interests in Pomerania against the Catholic Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, another Baltic competitor linked to Ferdinand by family and religion. The 1632 to 1634 Smolensk War is considered a separate but related part of the Thirty Years' War.

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