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  1. Boris Kodjoe - Biography - IMDb › name › nm0462673

    He was named after Russian poet and writer Boris Pasternak. Kodjoe's great-grandmother was Jewish and died in the Holocaust; his maternal grandmother survived the war in hiding. Kodjoe's parents divorced when he was six years old. Kodjoe is fluent in German, English, and French, and speaks some Spanish.

    • Boris Frederic Cecil Tay-Natey Ofuatey-Kodjoe
    • 6' 4" (1.93 m)
    • March 8, 1973 in Vienna, Austria
  2. Gods and Foolish Grandeur: July 2018 › 2018 › 07

    I haven't been able to gather much information* on Somov's model: Boris Mikhailovich Snejkovsky was born 23 July 1910, in Odessa. His father was a ship captain with the Russian Volunteer Fleet. At the time of the Revolution, seven-year-old Boris and his mother traveled the entire breadth of the country - from Odessa to Vladivostok - to rejoin ...

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  4. Konstantin Somov (1869-1939) - Jeune homme nu (Boris Snejkovsky) › 2019 › 10

    Oct 28, 2019 · Konstantin Somov (1869-1939) Jeune homme nu (Boris Snejkovsky) 1937. Il s 'agit toujours dans ce tableau, une fois de plus, du modèle préféré de Konstantin Somov, Boris Mikhailovich Snejkovsky, âgé sur cette toile de 28 ans et que Somov a peint pendant toute sa vie ! Boris Mikhailovich Snejkovsky naquit né le 23 juillet 1910 à Odessa.

  5. 50+ Famous Borises | List of Famous People Named Boris › list › famous-people-named-boris

    Jan 31, 2021 · 1887-11-23. Birthplace: London, England, UK. Alternative Name: Boris Karloff. William Henry Pratt (23 November 1887 – 2 February 1969), better known by his stage name Boris Karloff (), was an English actor who was primarily known for his roles in horror films.

  6. Boris Mikhailov (ice hockey) - Wikipedia › wiki › Boris_Mikhailov_(ice_hockey)

    Boris graduated from the Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture in 1979. His son is Egor Mikhailov who is also a hockey player. In the 2004 Disney biopic Miracle , he is portrayed by former NHL player Sasha Lakovic .

  7. Konstantin Somov - Wikipedia › wiki › Konstantin_Somov

    In about 1930, Somov met Boris Mikhailovich Snejkovsky (born 23 July 1910), "the twenty-year old young man who would inspire several of Somov's best later works. He would sit for straightforward portrait drawings, beautiful, mildly suggestive oil paintings, and he may have been the model for more erotic watercolors.

  8. Jan 20, 2021 · Boris Kipriyanovich, the genius Russian boy who baffled researchers, proving all the traditional theories of Human history wrong. Photo Credit: YouTube. Today, scientists have achieved such knowledge and power that they could give life to a dead, shape human history, bring the reality of a Death Star from billions of light-years away, and even they are now planning to make Mars as our second home.

  9. Jul 05, 2019 · Boris Kipriyanovich, a 22-year-old man, allegedly claims that he had lived on the red planet Mars before being reborn on Earth. He started talking about planets and space when he was just seven years old. Boris Kipriyanovich was born on January 11, 1996, to Nadya Kipriyanovich.

  10. Where Is Boriska Kipriyanovich Now After He Claimed To Be An ... › where-is-boriska-kipriyanovich

    Boriska Kipriyanovich was born in the town of Volzhsky in 1996 and lived in Volgograd. Boriska’s high intelligence and fixation with space was something even his mother could not explain. While other kids were fixated on toys or their parent’s undying devotion, Boriska was homing in on Mars, figuratively of course.

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