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  1. Former Pro-GMO Biotech Scientist Admits GMOs are NOT Safe

    Read: Top 10 GMO Foods for Your GMO Foods List. Former Biotech Scientist Speaks Out. In comes Dr. Thierry Vrain, a former GMO biotechnologist who has come out with a lot of information that should open people’s eyes about the real dangers of genetically modified foods and crops.

  2. Pusztai's Potatoes - Is 'Genetic Modification' the Culprit?

    What these studies basically showed was that the transgenic potato lines were different from each other, as well as from the parental potatoes. A later study on transgenic potatoes came to the same conclusion (Down 2001).

  3. GMOs of the Future: Two Recent Studies Reveal Potential of ...

    For example, scientists from the Max-Planck Institute in Germany reported a novel anti-pest potato plant in Science last month. This new GMO is able to fight off the Colorado potato beetle, a ...

  4. Scientists call for moratorium on genetically modified foods

    The British government has come under pressure to act after an announcement by the 22 scientists that research carried out by Dr Arpad Pusztai at the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen had found evidence of immune system changes and organ damage in rats fed on genetically modified potatoes.

  5. ARTICLE: Natural GMOs: The Sweet Potato | GMO Answers

    ARTICLE: Natural GMOs: The Sweet Potato The following is an article posted by Layla Katiraee to the website Biology Fortified on how the sweet potato is a naturally genetically modified organism. Several months ago, a paper was published about sweet potatoes being “natural GMOs”.

  6. Bacteria made natural GMO sweet potato - Business Insider

    A team of scientists analyzed the genomes of hundreds of varieties of domestic sweet potatoes and found they had bits of DNA from a microbe commonly used in plant genetic engineering.

  7. Since long term studies on rats that showed serious effects of GMO consumption have been discredited, and GMO foods are not labeled, it is hard to determine what the long lasting effects of GMOs ...

  8. Genetically modified apples, potatoes win FDA approval - CBS News

    Genetically modified apples, potatoes win FDA approval. The approval covers six varieties of potatoes by Boise, Idaho-based J. R. Simplot Co. and two varieties of apples from the Canadian company Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc. Okanagan, based in British Columbia, is trying to make apples a more convenient snack with its non-browning version.

  9. 3 Types of GMOs & Dangers Explained | Organic Olivia

    Studies on GMOs Chapela and Pusztai risked their lives to go public with their findings because GM foods are in fact very dangerous to human health. According to “Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition,” studies with GM foods indicate, “ they may cause hepatic, pancreatic, renal, and reproductive effects and may alter hematological [blood], biochemical, and immunologic parameters ” (Dona, 2009).

  10. Say No To GMOs! - October 2003a

    Genetically engineered foods are created by inserting genes from other species into their DNA. Engineered foods in the U.S. include soy, corn, cottonseed oil, canola oil, and dairy from cows treated with a genetically engineered hormone, among others.