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  1. 12 Best The Irish Potato Famine images - Pinterest

    Apr 13, 2013 - Photos, drawings and videos related to The Great Famine. See more ideas about The irish potato famine, Irish famine and Potato famine.

  2. Bad science about GMOs: It reminds me of the antivaccine ...

    I never used to write much about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) before. ... then people who avoided eating GMO food would not only be ... the reaction of British biotech companies and the ...

  3. Genetic Modification News Articles - Want to know

    Genetic Modification news articles: Concise excerpts from highly revealing major media news articles on genetically modified organisms suggest major cover-up. Links provided to originals for verification.

  4. Seeds of Deception (GMO FOOD) by Freedom of Speech - Issuu

    (GMO FOOD) genetically modified What do genetically modified seeds have to do with democracy? Everything. To me, this craze just like the sudden emergence of grain-fed meat I first wrote about ...

  5. GMO's -- What's the real story? Are genetically modified organisms safe or dangerous? How do they affect people and the environment? There are tons of misinformation and disinformation out there. I have done a lot of research into GMO's because I believe them to be one of the greatest risks to the Earth and humanity's future.

  6. Food, Inc.: Mendel to Monsanto--The Promises and Perils of ...

    Jun 10, 2003 ยท The Book that I read for this assignment is called Food Inc. The author of this book is Peter Pringle.The book is about the food industry in the united states of america. Food inc is 243 pages. A Common name in my book is monsanto. They are a corporation who specializes in GMO's ( Genetically Modified Organisms.

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  7. A similar study of British nutrient data from 1930 to 1980, published in the British Food Journal,found that in 20 vegetables the average calcium content had declined 19 percent; iron 22 percent; and potassium 14 percent. Yet another study concluded that one would have to eat eight oranges today to derive the same amount of Vitamin A as our ...

  8. The Food Lottery - Organic Consumers Association

    The CDC stated that foodborne illnesses cause 9,000 American deaths annually, 81 million are sickened, and 325,000 require hospitalization. The long-term effects of some food-borne contaminants are still being studied by the CDC; these effects are cancer, paralysis, and disability.

  9. Information Age 2001 - present - Growing A Nation

    During this era, new genetically modified organisms (GMOs) including apples and potatoes were introduced in the United States. According to the American Farm Bureau, in 2016, "Globally, 18 million farmers grow biotech crops; 90 percent of them on small, resource-poor farms in developing countries." American Farm Bureau. Timeline.

  10. According to Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT who has studied the issue in-depth and who I recently saw present on the subject at a nutritional conference in Indianapolis, desiccating non-organic wheat crops with glyphosate just before harvest came into vogue late in the 1990s with the result that most of the non-organic wheat in the United States is now contaminated with it.