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  1. Arpad Pusztai and the Risks of Genetic Engineering

    Jun 01, 2009 · The potatoes were genetically altered to produce lectins, natural insecticides, to protect them against aphids. Pusztai conducted feeding studies on rats and found that the potatoes damaged the animals' gut, other organs, and immune system.

  2. The GMO Debate

    Aug 01, 2018 · Dr. Sarah Evanega: Genetically modified organism (GMO) food is safe. In that respect, my stance mirrors the position taken by the National Academies of Sciences and the majority of the world’s scientific community. I eat GMO foods, as do my three young children, because I’m confident in the safety of these products.

  3. Institute for Responsible Technology | The Most Comprehensive ...

    Additionally, the human health impacts of eating GE fish, which would be the first-ever GE food animal, are entirely unknown. Sign the petition to tell the Food and Drug Administration not to approve GE salmon AND, if the Obama Administration insists on approving these genetically engineered fish, it should require the fish to be labeled!

  4. The Good Crisp potato crisps | 2017-01-27 | Snack and Bakery

    Jan 27, 2017 · Introduced: January 2017. Distribution: National. Suggested Retail Price: $3.49 (5.6-oz. cannister) and $1.49 (1.6-oz. cannister) Product Snapshot: The Good Crisp Company (formerly Mamee Stacked Crisps) announced the launch of its new line of non-GMO and gluten free canister potato crisps.

  5. GMOs In Organic? No Way!

    When USDA Under Secretary Greg Ibach recently made comments before the House Agriculture Subcommittee, he had the audacity to suggest that it is time to discuss the possibility of allowing of gene-edited GMOs within organic production.

  6. Why it's so challenging to determine 'how and when' humans ...

    In 2011, researchers announced evidence of human presence going back as much as 15,500 years at this site near Buttermilk Creek in Texas. Image: Center for the Study of the First Americans/Texas A ...

  7. Research Indicates That GMO Could Be a Cause of Infertility

    One of the few long-terms studies (there are not many long-term studies done on GMO foods) showed that mice fed GMO corn over a period of 20 weeks had greatly impaired fertility compared to the mice fed non-GMO corn. In addition, the offspring of the GMO mice also suffered from lower fertility rates.

  8. Genetically Modified Corn: Safe or Toxic? - Mother Earth News

    Foods containing this “modified” corn are now being eaten by people all around the world, but the French researchers contend that Monsanto’s studies do not prove the corns are safe to consume.

  9. Health Risks of GMOs – Natural Revolution

    There are eight GM food crops. The five major varieties—soy, corn, canola, cotton, and sugar beets—have bacterial genes inserted, which allow the plants to survive an otherwise deadly dose of weed killer. Farmers use considerably more herbicides on these GM crops and so the food has higher herbicide residues.

  10. Genetically Modified Food - The New York Times

    Behemoth agrochemical companies are failing to deliver what farmers need to grow and what people want to eat. By Dan Barber and Ash Ngu. Beehive Arson in Texas Kills Half a Million: ‘There Goes My Honey Flow’ Investigators are trying to figure out why about 20 hives were set on fire, thrown in a pond and toppled over.