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  1. U.S. Approves 3 Types Of Genetically Engineered Potatoes ...

    Mar 01, 2017 · McDonald’s declines to use Simplot’s genetically engineered potatoes for its French fries. The three new varieties of potato — the Russet Burbank, Ranger Russet and Atlantic — have previously been approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

  2. Genetically modified potato - Wikipedia

    This gene, which conferred the resistance to blight, was isolated from a wild relative of potatoes, Solanum venturii, which is a native of South America. In 2017 scientists in Bangladesh developed their own variety of blight resistant GM potato.

  3. US approves 3 types of genetically engineered potatoes (Update)

    The approval by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration late last week gives Idaho-based J.R. Simplot Company permission to plant the potatoes this spring and sell them in the fall. The company said the potatoes contain only potato genes,...

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  4. New GMO potatoes obtain approval for human consumption in 2017

    Mar 28, 2017 · Now, because of the new and improved second generation GMO potatoes that have been approved for human consumption, farmers could finally find a way to avoid having their potato crops destroyed by blight. GMO potatoes controversies. Not all GMO potatoes were an instant success on the market.

  5. Sweet potatoes are genetically modifying themselves, study finds

    Apr 22, 2015 · It is not the first instance of natural GMOs to be found, but it is the first in sweet potatoes - a major crop plant. And the researchers say sweet potatoes all over the world contain this genetic ...

  6. The Health Risks of GMOs Have Been Systematically Misrepresented

    Aug 14, 2017 · Further, scientists know of only two bacterial species that can insert their genes into the DNA of plants, and those genes are hardly ever incorporated into an entire genome (10). There are only three plant species in which such integrations have been observed, and just one is a food crop (sweet potato).

  7. Pusztai affair - Wikipedia

    Protein scientist Árpád Pusztai went public with the initial results of unpublished research he was conducting at the Rowett Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland, investigating the possible effects of genetically modified potatoes upon rats. Pusztai claimed that the genetically modified potatoes had stunted growth and repressed the rats' immune systems while thickening their gut mucosa.

  8. Understanding Genetically Modified Foods | Ohioline

    Foods that contain GMOs are often called genetically engineered foods or biotech foods. We will refer to these as genetically modified (GM) foods throughout this fact sheet. Launched in 1994, the Flavr Savr Tomato was the first U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved GM food available on the market.

  9. Jul 17, 2010 · In Europe they actually studied it before doing it to see if it was safe, here in the US we didn't study anything we just do it. That's why in Europe GMO's (genetically modified organisms) are banned. That's why I buy my food from my local health food store. That sells everything non GMO.

  10. The History and Future of GM Potatoes | PotatoPro

    Last week the European Commission approved cultivation and processing of the genetically modified starch potato Amflora. The request for authorisation was submitted by Amflora's developer BASF in August 1996, more than 13 years ago! In North America, currently no genetically modified potatoes are commercially grown.