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  1. Genetically modified food in the European Union - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · The European Food Safety Authority was created in 2002 with the primary goal of preventing future food crises in Europe. All GMOs, along with irradiated food, are considered "new food" and subject to extensive, case-by-case, science based food evaluation by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

  2. Project to research the viability of True Potato Seed in ...

    1 day ago · Project to research the viability of True Potato Seed in Canada’s far North September 19, 2020 COVID-19 response: McCain Foods USA partners with No Kid Hungry to help eliminate childhood hunger

  3. Genetically modified animal - Wikipedia

    Sep 13, 2020 · In November 2015, the FDA of the USA approved the AquAdvantage salmon for commercial production, sale and consumption, the first non-plant GMO food to be commerialised. [116] AquaBounty say that to prevent the genetically modified fish inadvertently breeding with wild salmon, all the fish will be female and reproductively sterile, [114 ...

  4. List of ancient dishes - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · This is a list of ancient dishes, foods and beverages that have been recorded as originating during ancient history.The span of recorded history is roughly 5,000 years, beginning with Sumerian cuneiform script, the oldest discovered form of coherent writing from the protoliterate period around the 30th century BC.

  5. Famine in India - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · De Waal states that the British government did not enforce the Famine Codes during the Bengal famine of 1943 because they failed to detect a food shortage. The Bengal famine of 1943 was the last catastrophic famine in India, and it holds a special place in the historiography of famine due to Sen's classic work of 1981 titled Poverty and Famines ...

  6. Switzerland | History, Flag, Map, Capital, Population ...

    Sep 13, 2020 · Switzerland, federated country of central Europe. Switzerland’s administrative capital is Bern, while Lausanne serves as its judicial center. Switzerland’s small size—its total area is about half that of Scotland—and its modest population give little indication of its international significance.

  7. Lettuce - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) is an annual plant of the daisy family, Asteraceae.It is most often grown as a leaf vegetable, but sometimes for its stem and seeds.Lettuce is most often used for salads, although it is also seen in other kinds of food, such as soups, sandwiches and wraps; it can also be grilled.

  8. World Facts

    6 days ago · The Largest Countries in the World. The worlds largest nations, measured in square kilometers of land area. August 24, 2020 10:54

  9. 5 days ago · SFGATE: Local news & information, updated weather, traffic, entertainment, celebrity news, sports scores and more.

  10. Fox & Friends | Fox News

    Sep 13, 2020 · Ainsley Earhardt, Steve Doocy & Brian Kilmeade report on famous faces, health, politics & news you can use weekdays from 6 to 9AM/ET. Pete Hegseth hosts Fox & Friends weekends from 6 to 10AM/ET.