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  1. New report shows first GMO is 8,000 years old - Texas Farm Bureau

    But it turns out that the first GMO was produced by another kind of scientist…nature. Soil bacteria created the first genetically modified crop 8,000 years ago, reports AgriMarketing. Scientists from Peru’s International Potato Center, a gene bank and research institution devoted to all things potato, looked at the genes of 291 sweet potato ...

  2. How to Avoid GMOs – And Everything Else You Should Know About ...

    May 17, 2018 · Long-term GMO studies generally mean the study looks at a few years, which does not yield adequate time to see the differences in which of the unhealthy groups of animals are less healthy. Initially, the goal of GM crops was to reduce crop loss from pests and reduce toxic pesticide and herbicide usage.

  3. Understanding New Plant Varieties | FDA

    Foods derived from new plant varieties developed using genetic engineering or genome editing are often referred to as GMOs or as bioengineered.

  4. Foods That Are GMO - Organic Lifestyle Magazine

    May 31, 2013 · While scientists are beginning to genetically modify animals, the current problem with GMOs from meat comes from the foods we feed our livestock. Chickens, cows, and pigs (as well as many “free range” livestock) are fed genetically modified corn and soy.

  5. Monsanto - Wikipedia

    Monsanto was one of four groups to introduce genes into plants in 1983, and was among the first to conduct field trials of genetically modified crops in 1987. It was one of the top 10 US chemical companies until it divested most of its chemical businesses between 1997 and 2002, through a process of mergers and spin-offs that focused the company on biotechnology.

  6. GMO Myths Vs. GMO Facts | GMO Answers

    More than 20 scientists, researchers, agricultural and industry experts reviewed over 20 years of data since GMOs were introduced, including nearly 900 studies and publications, animal studies, allergenicity testing, and North American and European health data and concluded that GMOs pose no risk to our health.

  7. World - Potatoes & Products: Industry, News, Stats, Prices ...

    The total world potato production is estimated at 388,191,000 tonnes in 2017 (Source: FAOSTAT, 2019)The world potato sector is undergoing major changes. Until the early 1990s, most potatoes were grown and consumed in Europe, North America and countries of the former Soviet Union.

  8. Feeding the World One Genetically ... - Science in the News

    Aug 09, 2015 · Christopher Gerry is a first-year graduate student in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University. He is currently studying the science of therapeutics in Stuart Schreiber’s lab. This article is part of the August 2015 Special Edition, Genetically Modified Organisms and Our Food. References. 1.

  9. List of YouTubers - Wikipedia

    British educational YouTuber, author, and science presenter Steven Williams USA: boogie2988: Gaming channel primarily known for the character Francis, who gives his thoughts on and usually rages on various gaming topics. Stuart Ashen GBR: ashens British reviewer of various (usually poor quality) products, comedian, animator and actor.

  10. Scientists have found that studying high-resolution images of whales from space is a feasible way to estimate their populations. A team, led by British Antarctic Survey (BAS), compared satellite ...