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  1. How did the GMO controversy start and what was the first GMO ...

    2017-06-23T14:49:00Z ... What scientists think of GMOs. A majority of scientific groups support genetically modified foods, citing dozens of studies that suggest the crops are safe for human ...

  2. Developer of GMO potatoes renounces own work: Warns against ...

    GMW: In your article for Independent Science News, you mention that “The GMO potatoes are likely to accumulate at least two toxins that are absent in normal potatoes”. Can you tell us which toxins these are and what health problems they may cause or exacerbate? About a year ago, I studied a research article written by some of my ex-colleagues.

  3. New Study Shows Pesticide Levels Harmful ... - Sustainable Pulse

    A new analysis published this month by U.S. Geological Survey scientists found pesticides at high enough concentrations to harm already imperiled aquatic invertebrates in more than half of 100 streams studied in the Midwest and Great Plains. The pesticide levels threaten species like the Hine’s emerald dragonfly and the sheepnose mussel.

  4. Simplot's GMO potatoes get approval from the FDA and EPA

    The AP reports, last week the EPA and the FDA gave approval to Idaho-based J.R. Simplot Company to plant and sell three varieties of genetically engineered potatoes. These potatoes had been previou...

  5. GMO Potatoes. What to look for - Letters to the Editor

    * Avoid White Russet™ potatoes, as well as any other white russet potato, as contamination between GMO and non-GMO varieties could be a problem, * Check the potatoes for spots, because GMO varieties will not have spots, * Check the potato for browning once peeled or cut in half, as non-GMO varieties typically start browning within two minutes.

  6. What Foods are Genetically Modified? |

    GMOsgenetically modified organisms – have been the topic of many food discussions. With so much talk of GMOs and GM foods, you may be surprised to know there are currently only eight genetically modified crops available in the United States and Canada. Three more have been approved but are not yet available in the market.

  7. How to Avoid GMOs in Your Food | Food & Water Watch

    Where GMO Ingredients Are Hiding in Your Food. A host of GMO crops have been approved for sale in the United States, from apples and potatoes to GMO salmon, which the FDA approved in late 2015 after long opposition from the public. New ones are released every year, and most GMOs on the shelves are unlabeled.

  8. List of Vegetables That Are Genetically Modified | Healthy ...

    Genetically modified vegetables have been engineered to possess qualities that are not naturally present in the food. Scientists are able to take the genes from one plant or animal and insert them into the DNA of another, making the modified organism grow faster and larger, or to be more resistant to disease.

  9. The FDA may strengthen homeopathic drug regulation with its "risk-based" enforcement policy, but this still leaves illegal homeopathic remedies on the market and falls far short of actually enforcing the law.

  10. The beginnings of science and the scientific method largely came from the ancient Greek world, which encompassed the eastern part of the Mediterranean. The names of the great scientists and philosophers of that time, such as Pythagoras, Archimedes, Aristotle, Eratosthenes and Thales, are still known today, over 2,000 years later.