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  1. Sorry Hipsters, That Organic Kale Is a Genetically Modified Food

    Sep 10, 2014 · Food has become a battleground, and one of the fiercest fights involves genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. With the aid of genetic engineering, we have created corn, soybeans, cotton and ...

  2. List of vegetarian and vegan companies - Wikipedia

    Plamil FoodsBritish manufacturer of vegan food products. Quorn, British meat substitute company headquartered in Stokesley North Yorkshire and owned by Monde Nissin Corporation. Ripple Foods — California producer of non-gmo, gluten-free, soy-free, non-dairy, pea protein-based Ripple dairy alternatives, made without carrageenans.

  3. Differing U.S. and European Perspectives on GMOs: Political ...

    Hain's method, for the moment, is to switch from frying the snacks in corn oil to safflower oil, which has not yet been genetically engineered (Kilman, 1999). Among the most active producers of no-GMO products is American Growers Foods, of Embarrass, Minnesota. The company promotes its foods as chemical and GMO free.

  4. Sustainability/Social Responsibility And GMO Corn & Carrots

    Jan 17, 2008 · Monsanto consequently found itself beset by a variety of attacks. A British scientist claimed that rats eating GM potatoes failed to grow properly, and a Cornell university study published in 1999 appeared to show that monarch butterfly caterpillars died after ingesting pollen from bioengineered corn.

  5. The most comprehensive plant-based nutrition education through Cornell University’s online course provider, eCornell. This certificate offers in-depth study of whole food, plant-based principles.

  6. Health Risks | Institute for Responsible Technology

    Arpad Pusztai, “Can science give us the tools for recognizing possible health risks of GM food,” Nutrition and Health, 2002, Vol 16 Pp 73-84; Stanley W. B. Ewen and Arpad Pusztai, “Effect of diets containing genetically modified potatoes expressing Galanthus nivalis lectin on rat small intestine,” Lancet, 1999 Oct 16; 354 (9187): 1353-4 ...

  7. 11 American Foods that are Banned in Other Countries

    Aug 06, 2019 · All GMOs, along with irradiated food, are considered “new food” and are subject to extensive, case-by-case, science-based food evaluation by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). 5. Irradiated meat. This treatment is used to preserve food, reduce the risk of food borne illness and prevent the spread of invasive pests.

  8. 77 Heirloom Seed Companies To Grow Your Own Non-GMO Garden

    Oct 30, 2018 · Livingston Seed is a wholesale company, selling only to the trade. Have signed the Safe Seed Pledge and are proudly GMO-free. Phone: 800.848.2970 Email: [email protected] Dust Bowl Seed Oklahama, USA. They sell 100% pure and natural and 100% GMO-FREE seeds of garlic, onions, beans and many more. You can also check their products online.

  9. 7th Grade Free Science worksheets, Games and Quizzes

    Free Science worksheets, Games and Projects for preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade and 6th Grade kids

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