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  1. Breadfruit - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) is a species of flowering tree in the mulberry and jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) family believed to be a domesticated descendant of Artocarpus camansi originating in New Guinea, the Maluku Islands, and the Philippines.

  2. Potato - Wikipedia

    Jan 14, 2021 · Potatoes were introduced to Europe from the Americas in the second half of the 16th century by the Spanish. Today they are a staple food in many parts of the world and an integral part of much of the world's food supply. As of 2014, potatoes were the world's fourth-largest food crop after maize (corn), wheat, and rice.

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  4. Regulation of genetic engineering - Wikipedia

    Jan 10, 2021 · The regulation of genetic engineering varies widely by country. Countries such as the United States, Canada, Lebanon and Egypt use substantial equivalence as the starting point when assessing safety, while many countries such as those in the European Union, Brazil and China authorize GMO cultivation on a case-by-case basis.

  5. Plant genetics - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · Plant genetics is the study of genes, genetic variation, and heredity specifically in plants. It is generally considered a field of biology and botany, but intersects frequently with many other life sciences and is strongly linked with the study of information systems.

  6. List of vegetarian and vegan companies - Wikipedia

    Jan 12, 2021 · Plamil FoodsBritish manufacturer of vegan food products. Quorn, British meat substitute company headquartered in Stokesley North Yorkshire and owned by Monde Nissin Corporation. Ripple Foods — California producer of non-gmo, gluten-free, soy-free, non-dairy, pea protein-based Ripple dairy alternatives, made without carrageenans.

  7. STUDY: Bill Gates DTP Vaccine Killed 10 Times More African ...

    Jan 11, 2021 · Tim Brown / January 8, 2021 Once again, Bill Gates and his devilish ideas are being exposed for the havoc he has brought about in Africa. The latest is a study that discovers …

  8. Connecting the dots: which is the real origin of the global ...

    Jan 05, 2021 · Attached please find my 1-year study of the deadly COVID-19 virus and pandemic and part of my 10-year study on biotech/GMOs. If you are not the proper receiver, please be kind enough to forward to the right recipient(s). Hopefully, everyone can find something new, surprising, true, thoughtful and helpful in this long article.

  9. Texarkana Gazette

    5 days ago · Texas again reports more than 300 new virus deaths Texas on Tuesday reported more than 300 new COVID-19 deaths for the fifth time time in the past week as the toll of the pandemic across the U.S ...

  10. Noncognitive Skills—Distinct from Cognitive Abilities ...

    2 days ago · Noncognitive skills and cognitive abilities are both important contributors to educational attainment—the number of years of formal schooling that a person completes—and lead to success across the …