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  1. Genetically Modified Crops - GreenFacts

    4.2 Scientists recommend that food safety assessment should take place on a case-by-case basis before genetically modified food is brought to the market. In such assessments, foodstuffs derived from genetically modified plants are compared to their conventional counterparts, which are generally considered safe due to their long history of use.

  2. Genetically Modified Sugar Beets: A Bad Bet

    Jan 01, 2008 · The same corporations that removed GMOs from their European lines continue to sell them in the US, where only 1 in 4 consumers believe they have ever eaten a GM food in their lives.[48] The fact that GMOs flourish in the United States because of consumer ignorance leaves the industry extremely vulnerable.

  3. Health Risks - Institute for Responsible Technology

    Protect Your Pets from GMOs and Pesticides is a program of the Institute for Responsible Technology aimed at raising awareness of the health risks of GM foods and pesticides found in pet foods, and informing pet parents and pet professionals of alternative pet food choices.

  4. Do GMO Foods Cause Autism? Read About the GMO Crops Autism ...

    Don Huber, PhD, professor emeritus from Purdue University, is at the front of the GMO crops autism connection. If he has a hunch GMO foods cause autism people need to listen to him; Huber has spent the past 50 years in plant science.

  5. Cancer Cells Die When You Eat These 7 Foods - The Science Of ...

    Cancer Cells Die When You Eat These 7 Foods The newest medical research found that these 7 foods that we are presenting today are extremely beneficial in the case of cancer, as they inhibit cancer growth.

  6. Research Indicates That GMO Could Be a Cause of Infertility

    One of the few long-terms studies (there are not many long-term studies done on GMO foods) showed that mice fed GMO corn over a period of 20 weeks had greatly impaired fertility compared to the mice fed non-GMO corn. In addition, the offspring of the GMO mice also suffered from lower fertility rates.

  7. Ethical Dilemma: The Pros and Cons of Genetically Modified ...

    GloFish is one of the genetically modified organisms and is a form of the zebra fish. Yorktown Technologies from Austin, Texas brought the GloFish into the US market in the year 2003. The genetically modification of living beings is becoming controversial with the scientist community being divided over this issue.

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