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  1. The First GMO Is 8,000 Years Old | Smart News | Smithsonian

    Doucleff writes that scientist from Peru’s International Potato Center, a genebank and research institution devoted to all things potato, looked at the genes of 291 sweet potato varieties grown ...

  2. Scientist mom evaluates Simplot’s GMO Innate potato | Genetic ...

    The Innate Potato is a GMO that was recently approved for cultivation in the US. It is made by Simplot (or J.R Simplot Company). According to their website , they are a “food and agribusiness ...

  3. Food Scientists: New GMO Potatoes ‘Extremely Worrisome’

    Studies suggest that most would not (though you won’t even be told thanks to the lack of GMO labeling), and now major food scientists are speaking out over the reality that the Franken potato may come with ‘worrisome’ and unknown consequences.

  4. GM Potatoes – Facts and Fictions - The Ecologist

    Andy Rees. And when it comes to GM potatoes, Dr Ewen and Dr Pusztai’s 1999 10-day study on male rats fed GM potatoes, published in the highly respected medical journal The Lancet, showed that feeding GM potatoes to rats led to many abnormalities, including: gut lesions; damaged immune systems; less developed brains, livers,...

  5. GMO Potatoes Are Here - How To Avoid Them

    Avoid processed foods with potato ingredients like frozen dinners with potatoes, powdered potatoes, canned soups with potatoes, and potato chips, unless the foods are labeled non-GMO. Of course, we also recommend avoiding processed foods, but if you must, buy organic or at least non-GMO.

  6. Beware of GMO Potatoes! -

    Creator of GMO Potatoes Reveals Danger. How can we know Innate® potatoes are a health risk? Because their creator, a genetic engineer named Caius Rommens, former director of researcher and development for the potato program at J.R. Simplot Co. and a former team leader at Monsanto, wrote an entire book about it.

  7. FDA says GMO apples, potatoes are 'safe for consumption ...

    FDA says GMO apples, potatoes are ‘safe for consumption’ ... Food scientists maintain the genetic changes will make their produce healthier, more palatable and easier to transport and sell ...

  8. Peru Bans Monsanto and GMOs | Food Renegade

    Peru’s ban on GMO foods prohibits the import, production and use of genetically modified foods. The law is aimed at safeguarding the country’s agricultural diversity and preventing cross-pollination with non-GMO crops. It will also help protect Peruvian exports of organic products. The victory is a long time coming.

  9. USDA Approves 2 New Varieties of GMO Potatoes - EcoWatch

    Same goes for canola. More than half of sugar beets are also grown from GMO seeds. The same cannot be said for potatoes. Indeed, field tests of an early GMO potato variety sparked one of the first protests against the technology back in the late 1980s and the industry remained largely GMO-free.

  10. GMO's Flashcards | Quizlet

    Genetically modified potatoes can be engineered to have a gene from a cold water fish (that is, a gene from the fish is inserted into the potato's genome) so that the potatoes become resistant to cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions.