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  1. The Superpowers of Genetically Modified Pigs | The Scientist ...

    Aug 01, 2018 · In a paper published in eLife a few months ago, the scientists report that the transgenic pigs indeed produced less nitrogen and phosphorus in their feces, had a faster growth rate, and boosted their feed conversion—the proportion of food that turns into meat.

  2. The Health and Safety of Genetically Modified Organisms ...

    Dec 06, 2016 · While scientists have conducted numerous short term studies on rats to observe the health effects of GMOS, it is not enough evidence to convince most people whether or not GMOs are safe to use. Some say that rats and mice are inadequate for human comparison.

  3. Gene Flow and Coexistence | Science of GMOs

    Research has shown that some native or non-native plants in the US can exchange genes with specific crops such as sunflowers, carrots, sorghum, rapeseed, and wheat. Scientists have studied this type of gene flow because transgenes and novel traits might change wild plant survival, natural plant communities, or ecosystem services over time.

  4. Frankenfood = Genetically Modified Foods - Experience Life

    Frankenfood = Genetically Modified Foods. Although a direct correlation is impossible to track in the United States because GMO foods are not labeled, a glance across the Atlantic is edifying. British researchers found a 50 percent jump in soy allergies after the introduction of GMO soy into the country’s food chain.

  5. Jan 23, 2019 · The topic where there was the greatest discrepancy between what the public believes and what scientists believe is GMOs. Scientists generally find biotechnology to be a safe method of crop breeding, while non-scientists largely believe they are unsafe. Our choice to shun safe food is a luxury.

  6. GMOs Globally | GMO Answers

    Despite the confirmed safety of biotech crops by the EC, European Academy of Sciences, and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), public anti-GMO sentiment remains prevalent throughout the EU, impacting the rate of approvals for new GM crops and farmers’ access to biotech seeds. The EU, however, continues to import vast amounts of GMO grains for livestock, and farmers in four EU countries grow GMO maize.

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  8. Top 20 Foods and Products that have been Genetically Modified

    Many additives, preservatives and food flavoring are genetically modified. Aspartame in diet drinks is one of the products of genetic engineering. 10. Potatoes Genetically modified potatoes are a threat to other organic produce and their biodiversity. Studies show that mice that were fed GMO potatoes had higher toxins in their blood.

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