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  1. The Chemicals Regulation Directorate, the European Food ...

    authorised for sale, supply, use and storage in the UK is not, as its logo claims: Chemicals Regulation Directorate – Protecting the health of people and the environment It primarily acts to protect the Agrochemical Corporations and their profits. This has caused

  2. Michelle Obama’s School Lunches In Pictures: “Is That Photo ...

    I believe the reason so many children are overweight is the lifestyle changes. The diet of most children today includes lots of fast food, GMO food, processed foods, and soda. Also, most kids don’t get enough exercise. My Mother cooked all our food. We ate lots of fresh produce from (my grandparents and local) farms. We drank water or milk.

  3. Newsworthy -

    Nov 3, 2015- Explore poultryservices's board "Newsworthy" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Poultry, Avian influenza and Sussex county.

  4. The Liberty Mill

    by Avi Gilburt Gold Seek For those that have been following our work closely, you would know that we called for the bottoming in the crypto complex back at the end of 2018, and saw strong potential for the bull market to resume.

  5. How to Prepare for an Economic Depression - SHTF Plan

    How to Prepare for an Economic Depression. According to Nicole Foss, the 9 steps to take to prepare for an economic depression are: 1) Hold no debt (for most people this means renting) 2) Hold cash and cash equivalents (short term treasuries) under your own control. 3) Don’t trust the banking system, deposit insurance or no deposit insurance

  6. Oct. 16, 2019 — Scientists have unearthed new evidence in Greece proving that the island of Naxos was inhabited by Neanderthals and earlier humans at least 200,000 years ago, tens of thousands ...

  7. The China Study Myth - The Weston A. Price Foundation

    Glyphosates and GMO products are in 90 percent of all produce, and most all meats are treated with hormones, or slaughtered from over growded feed lots where the animals sat in there own feces all day. You have to remove this from any health equation to have a complete answer, plan and simple.

  8. We have met the 1%, and he is us | Watts Up With That?

    One thing that has always stuck in my mind is the destruction of food and commodities ordered by then Secretary of Agriculture, Henry Wallace, while a substantial segment of the US population was going hungry and barely clothed. All this was done with the aim of raising the prices of food and commodities.

  9. Farm Blogs from Around the World

    The purpose of this blog is to gather in one place the best farm blogs from around the world. Recommended farm blogs are asked to send a brief email (to info AT about their farm and their blog, and to include their own recommended farm blogs.

  10. The environmental impacts of planting genetically engineered (GE) crops occur within the context of agriculture’s general contribution to environmental change. Agriculture has historically converted biologically diverse natural grasslands, wetlands, and native forests into less diverse ...