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  1. 131 Heirloom Seed Companies by Region -

    131 Heirloom Seed Companies by Region How to contact and order from 131 different heirloom / non-GMO / organic seed suppliers: United States (alphabetical by state)

  2. Products – Mary's Heirloom Seeds

    Latest News. JANUARY SPECIALS & 99 CENT SEED PACKS. HAPPY NEW YEAR! We kicked off the new year with an amazing giveaway collaboration with several amazing homestead bloggers.

  3. Over 100 Places to Buy Heirloom, Organic, and Non-GMO Seeds ...

    Nov 30, 2019 · I was a natural farmer for years but health issues forced me to sell the farm and move back into town. So I decided to bring the farm to the city and show people how they can grow their own food, raise chickens and engage in modern urban homesteading.

  4. US: After backing out once, Oregon Potato Company offers to ...

    Nov 16, 2019 · NORPAC Foods filed a motion in bankruptcy court Friday afternoon to sell its Quincy, Wash., plant for $93.5 million to Oregon Potato Company. However, no new sale has been proposed on the company's plants in Salem, Brooks and Stayton.

  5. Indeterminate Seed Potatoes – How to Grow Potatoes

    Indeterminate Potatoes VS Determinate Potatoes for Container Gardening Container gardening will restrict the amount of space that the roots have, unless the container is over 18″ in size. Many people choose to grow new potatoes in containers , and with new potatoes, it will not matter quite as much.

  6. WHAT FOODS CONTAIN GMOs? ANIMAL FEED AND PROCESSED FOODS: Generally, GMO crops are used for animal feed or refined for processed foods in in the form of flour, oils, sweeteners, and starch.

  7. Sources for Buying Non-GMO Seeds - Urban Organic Gardener

    Monsanto claims they will feed the world.. my opinion is they are still profiting and poor people cannot a Ford buying.. if you give me food to stay alive but not the right nutrients and vitamins. We aren’t really healthy. next time you go to the grocery, notice that everything that’s on sale and big displays are JUNK FOOD. we eat junk foos.

  8. The eatlocalgrown project was created to help you Find, Rate and Share Locally Grown Food! There are categories for Farms, Farmers Markets, Grocery Stores/Co-ops, Restaurants, Artisans and more. There are categories for Farms, Farmers Markets, Grocery Stores/Co-ops, Restaurants, Artisans and more.

  9. Top 20 GMO Foods and Ingredients to Avoid

    Jul 24, 2013 · Soy (lecithin) Soy beans are perhaps one of the most prevalent GMO products in fields today. Soy has been associated with a wide range of health concerns and GMO soy has been linked to pancreatic concerns. Soy lecithin isn't even a choice soybean product, it's a waste product from the processing of crude soy oil.

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