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  1. According to Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT who has studied the issue in-depth and who I recently saw present on the subject at a nutritional conference in Indianapolis, desiccating non-organic wheat crops with glyphosate just before harvest came into vogue late in the 1990s with the result that most of the non-organic wheat in the United States is now contaminated with it.

  2. People seeking health today often condemn certain food groups — such as grains, dairy foods, meat, salt, fat, sauces, sweets and nightshade vegetables — but the Wise Traditions Diet is inclusive, not exclusive. We show you how to include all these nourishing traditional foods in your diet through wise choices and proper preparation techniques.

  3. 20 Native North American Foods with Stories to Tell – Food Tank

    Indigenous and traditional crops are an important source of food and fiber for people around the globe. Often these crops are resilient to pests and disease or can tolerate high temperatures, drought, or flooding. And while millions of people in Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, and Latin America depend on ...

  4. Top 10 Pro & Con Arguments - Milk -

    "The most recent evidence suggested that intake of milk and dairy products was associated with reduced risk of childhood obesity. In adults, intake of dairy products was shown to improve body composition and facilitate weight loss during energy restriction.

  5. We have met the 1%, and he is us | Watts Up With That?

    One thing that has always stuck in my mind is the destruction of food and commodities ordered by then Secretary of Agriculture, Henry Wallace, while a substantial segment of the US population was going hungry and barely clothed. All this was done with the aim of raising the prices of food and commodities.

  6. The Many Health Benefits of Eating Mushrooms -

    By Dr. Mercola. Mushrooms contain some of the most potent natural medicines on the planet. Of the 140,000 species of mushroom-forming fungi, science is familiar with only 10 percent, according to world-renown mycologist Paul Stamets, who has written six books on the topic.

  7. 4 Ways Juice Plus is Scamming Americans | Fooducate

    Thank-you .. here just a few things on the ingredient list Glucomannan is used has a weight loss supplement. Cellose is a food additive usually from cotton (GMO) or wood Tocopherol vitamin E Folic acid B vitamin added to bread flour and cereals There were more. if i don't what it is I try not to eat it

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    a model that explains the location of agricultural ativities in a commercial, profit-making economy. A process of spatial competition puts various farming activities into rings around a central market city, with profit-earning capability the determining force in how far a crop locates from the market.

  9. Toward a Bioregional State: Genetic Engineers or Genetic ...

    Toward a Bioregional State Launched to provide an information service connected with _Toward a Bioregional State, the book; the blog is the commentary, your questions and my answers, and news from around the world related to the issues of sustainability and unsustainability in a running muse on various issues of concern or inspiration.


    The FDA regulates food labeling using an approach designed to provide consumers with information relative to health, nutrition, and safety. The Federal Food and Drug Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) lays out the FDA’s science-based labeling policy; all foods, whether or not they are derived from transgenic crops or animals, are subject to the policy.