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  1. ISIS News no.4 index - Science in Society

    Researchers in Texas are developing synthetic superpromoters that surpass the capacity of natural promoters to boost gene expression (2). The scientists took four different regulatory elements from muscle-specific promoters and reassembled them at random to make new synthetic promoters.

  2. The Invasion of the Food Police Introduction: As if there wasn't already enough government intervention in the everyday decisions made by a "free" people, there is a new regulatory fad underway — an Orwellian attempt to get you to eat healthy food whether you like it or not.

  3. Cloning |

    In 1952 scientists transferred a cell from a frog embryo into an unfertilized egg, which then developed into a tadpole. This process became the prototype for cloning. Ever since, scientists have been cloning animals. The first mammals were also cloned from embryonic cells in the 1980s.

  4. 53 Best Health & Nutrition Books images in 2017 | Libros ...

    Explore Craig Martin's board "Health & Nutrition Books", followed by 162 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Libros, Books to Read and Diets.

  5. The China Study Myth - The Weston A. Price Foundation

    Glyphosates and GMO products are in 90 percent of all produce, and most all meats are treated with hormones, or slaughtered from over growded feed lots where the animals sat in there own feces all day. You have to remove this from any health equation to have a complete answer, plan and simple.

  6. Is Coconut Oil Bad For You? |

    Some who profit from coconut oil claim it has miraculous powers, curing everything from cancer to jock itch. The boldest claim may be that it is a potential cure for Alzheimer’s, based on a series of anecdotes and one study I profile in my 3-min video Does Coconut Oil Cure Alzheimer’s?

  7. IXL is the world's most popular subscription-based learning site for K–12. Used by over 7 million students, IXL provides personalized learning in more than 8,000 topics, covering math, language arts, science, social studies, and Spanish.

  8. Why are antivaccinationists so at home with Libertarianism ...

    ScienceBlogs is where scientists communicate directly with the public. We are part of Science 2.0, a science education nonprofit operating under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code ...

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    It’s scary to think that these firms are trying so hard to own and control our entire food supply, even the food that isn’t genetically modified. It has never been more important to buy organic, non-GMO foods, and consider growing your own produce if possible.

  10. The Green New Deal’s Huge Flaw | naked capitalism

    One of his most critical issues aside from reducing CO2 emissions is food production (droughts, etc.) and feeding the world population until the population begins to decline. I highly recommend reading most of Grantham’s essays which are in GMO’s quarterly reports. GMO has minimal gatekeeping to get to the reports.