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  1. Scientists Plead with Greenpeace for Blind, Dying Children ...

    On the battlefield of global warming, too many scientists have done the bidding of Greenpeace Story submitted by Walter Donway The world’s top scientists are upset with Greenpeace, the worldwide nonprofit organization, with an annual budget of almost a quarter-of-a-billion Euros, which started in Vancouver in 1970 to defend “nature” against human beings.

  2. Genetically Manipulated Food News 20 June 99

    WASHINGTON - American consumers become unwitting guinea pigs in a poorly understood experiment every time they go food shopping, a diverse group of scientists, activists, and a British supermarket executive warned yesterday, because increasing amounts of corn, soy beans, and other crops are grown from genetically altered seeds.

  3. GMO – Page 6 – Mainstream Media's Antithesis

    “We are disappointed with today’s verdict because it will only serve to deny American farmers access to future technologies even when they are fully approved in the U.S.,” Syngenta said in a statement. In 2010, Syngenta began selling in the United States a strain of insect-resistant genetically modified corn called Agrisure Viptera.

  4. 2012 June | Tender Grassfed Meat

    A group of British scientists, who specialize in food research, have designed a menu that they call “the healthiest meal ever.” Their list of dishes and ingredients does not even address the idea of where the food comes from, treating organic and chemical-free as being the same as factory and chemical-processed.

  5. GMO's -- What's the real story? Are genetically modified organisms safe or dangerous? How do they affect people and the environment? There are tons of misinformation and disinformation out there. I have done a lot of research into GMO's because I believe them to be one of the greatest risks to the Earth and humanity's future.

  6. To the mom who DOESN’T feed her kids organic food

    And just to clarify, I still don’t judge people who buy non organic because it gets pretty expensive. I just wished people would stop believing that organic, non organic and gmo food are equal. They are not! Gmo food and non organic food are killing us slowly. We need to stand together and demand change in the way we are producing food.

  7. Don’t Condemn GMOs Without Knowing Their Benefits

    When the cells of a typical apple are broken, two chemicals within the apple mix and react with oxygen to cause the flesh to brown. 99 Sliced apples are used in fast food meals and on top of prepared salads, but those apples must be sprayed with an expensive coating that changes the flavor in order to suppress browning.

  8. Massive US Research Project Set to Study ... - Food Democracy Now

    The research project will enable the general public in America to find out how much glyphosate is in their own urine as well as enabling them to help expert independent scientists to study how glyphosate effects the human body, with many areas of follow up research already planned. Glyphosate was ...

  9. Toward a Bioregional State: Genetic Engineers or Genetic ...

    Toward a Bioregional State Launched to provide an information service connected with _Toward a Bioregional State, the book; the blog is the commentary, your questions and my answers, and news from around the world related to the issues of sustainability and unsustainability in a running muse on various issues of concern or inspiration.

  10. For anyone who ever wondered 'why', Live Science makes every day a little more interesting by illuminating the amazing world around us