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  1. GMOs Can Be Seen Naturally in Sweet Potatoes, Study Suggests ...

    Many staunch food advocates are aggressively pushing for everything GMO ... GMOs Can Be Seen Naturally in Sweet Potatoes, Study Suggests ... according to a new study. Scientists claim to have ...

  2. Food Scientist Jobs, Employment in Texas |

    Kelly Services is seeking a food scientist for one of our top clients in the region east of San Antonio, Texas. Develop and manage timelines for all projects. Develop and manage timelines for all projects.

  3. USDA approves genetically engineered potatoes despite GMO ...

    The study, led by Gilles-Eric Seralini of the University of Caen, was the first ever study to examine the long-term (lifetime) effects of eating GMOs. He was later forced to retract it because of major pressure by Big Food, agribusiness giant Monsanto and colluding governments.

  4. The Health Risks of GMOs Have Been Systematically Misrepresented

    Further, scientists know of only two bacterial species that can insert their genes into the DNA of plants, and those genes are hardly ever incorporated into an entire genome (10). There are only three plant species in which such integrations have been observed, and just one is a food crop (sweet potato).

  5. The Truth Behind GMO's | What are GMO's, Pros and Cons

    The Truth Of GMO'S. GMOs were developed to settle down the cost and the need of increased production of crops with generous use of herbicides. GMO food supplies that may or may not be available with the label of ‘GMO’ are the ones that have been grown with the aid of genetically altered organisms to some extent.

  6. GMO potatoes news, articles and information:

    TED aligns with Monsanto, halting any talks about GMOs, 'food as medicine' or natural healing 10 other companies that use the same Subway yoga mat chemical in their buns Warning: Enrolling in Obamacare allows government to link your IP address with your name, social security number, bank accounts and web surfing habits

  7. GMO – Potato News Today

    GMO potato can reduce fungicide use by 90 percent, but activists not happy. Researchers in Ireland and the Netherlands have discovered that a genetically engineered potato carrying a blight resistance gene could help farmers reduce fungicide sprays by up to 90 percent. Scientists from Wageningen University in the Netherlands and Teagasc,...

  8. GMO Potatoes; Good or Bad? | The Hacker's Hangout

    Contrast with today’s varieties of potato, all created using natural selection from the ancient lines of Peruvian potatoes: GMO Techniques for Potatoes. In 2014, potato producer JR Simplot introduced a line of bruise-proof potatoes called Innate. These potatoes promised “less waste, more potato,” and were targeted towards the fast-food industry where potato waste costs lots of money.

  9. Genetically modified potatoes are studied, criticized in ...

    Ewen Mullins is the face of modern Ireland: Young, cosmopolitan, highly educated, he is a plant scientist whose work on a genetically modified potato inherently looks to the future.

  10. Peru Bans Monsanto and GMOs | Food Renegade

    Peru’s ban on GMO foods prohibits the import, production and use of genetically modified foods. The law is aimed at safeguarding the country’s agricultural diversity and preventing cross-pollination with non-GMO crops. It will also help protect Peruvian exports of organic products. The victory is a long time coming.